CALI 2018-2019 Board Elections


Members interested in running for office should note the following deadlines. 

Wednesday, March 7: Deadline for members to notify the Executive Director in writing (via email, fax, or USPS - contact information below) of their desire to run for the position of:

  • President
  • Vice President - Administrative Services
  • Vice President - Investigative and Security Services
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Director-at-Large (2-year term)

Excerpts from the Bylaws: 
9.05 Eligibility for Office. To be eligible for the office of President, the candidate must have been an active member for no less than three years immediately preceding commencement of the term of office and have served on the Board of Directors no less than two years. Candidates for Vice President of Administrative Services, Vice President of Investigative Services, Vice President of Security Services or Secretary-Treasurer must have been an active member for no less than two years immediately preceding commencement of the term of office and have served on the Board of Directors no less than one year. Candidates for Director-at-Large, District Director, or District Governor must have been an active member for one full year immediately preceding commencement of the term of office. No two members of the Board of Directors may be from the same agency.

Any member elected or appointed to a position as an Officer, District Director or District Governor cannot simultaneously serve in an elected or appointed leadership position for a competing organization. A competing organization is defined as a California state private investigator or private patrol association that provides similar services as CALI and seeks members with similar qualifications.

Monday, March 12: Candidates will be granted 3 minutes to address attendees at CALI Legislative Day, if they choose.

Wednesday, March 21: Candidate's statements (no more than 300 words) and picture (optional) must be received.  Candidate's statements and photos may be placed on the CALI website and on the listserv.

Wednesday, April 4: CALI HQ will email the slate of candidates to Elections Committee members; Elections Committee Chair will distribute the slate of candidates to the membership via listserv.

Tuesday, April 10: Deadline for CALI HQ to have candidate statements and ballot formatted and sent to Elections Committee for proofing.

Monday, April 23: Deadline for CALI HQ to email ballots to all members. See candidate statements below.

Friday, May 25, 5:00 pm: Deadline for ballots to be received by CALI HQ in order to be valid.(Revised 4-26-18)

Tuesday, May 29:  Ballots to be reviewed by ED and Elections Committee, candidates may participate in review of results. Tabulations will be examined.  Votes will be verified and certified. Results will be announced during the Annual Business Meeting. (Revised 4-26-18)

Contact Information:

Frank W. Huntington, III, CPI

Chair, CALI Elections Committee

Jerry Packer, 
Executive Director
California Association of Licensed Investigators
65 Enterprise
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
949-715-6931 Fax

Slate of Nominees

Anne Fields

Vice President of Administrative Services
Anthony Hopkins, CPI

Vice President of Investigative and Security Services
Roberto Rivera, CPI
David Williams


Tawni Tyndall, CPI

Chris Reynolds

Sean Ditty, CPI
Bradley Pfanner

Candidate Statements

Anne Fields for the position of President
It is with great pride that I announce I'm running for a second term as CALI President. I have learned this past year the reasons why many past presidents believe that the office of the President should be a two year term. I would like to serve as the President for the 2018/2019 term to keep continuity with the leadership of CALI and to accomplish all of my goals. I have served on the CALI Board of Directors as the San Jose District Director (9 terms), a Director at Large, the Vice President of Investigative Services, Vice President of Administrative Services, Treasurer (3 terms) and as President. I have served on several committees and have been the Chairperson of the Unlicensed Practices, Scholarship, Bylaws, Budget and Historian Committees.

Legislation is one of my top priorities. Numerous bills are introduced each year the impact every member. I will support the promotion of a strong Leg program that reaches out to our members for support.

I support a strong education program through NLITE, ELITE, and the Annual Conference.  I support transparency and good communication between the board and the membership. CALI has added to new areas to the CALI website: click on "From the Boardroom," in the quick links area of the member's profile to review board meeting materials, approved board meeting minutes and other notes and announcements.  "President's Message," which is located under the News/Publications menu item. Hover over "News/Publications" and click on President's Message.

I have been working as a private investigator since 1984 and a member of CALI since 1987. In 2003, I received the CALI Investigator of the Year Award.

I will perform my duties even when it is difficult or awkward. I understand the history of CALI and the association's strengths and weaknesses.  One of my goals is to keep CALI dues reasonable while supporting our membership programs.  I look forward to serving as the CALI President for the 2018/2019 term and I ask for your vote.

Anthony Hopkins, CPI for the position of Vice President of Administrative Services
Valued Members:

During the past four years of serving as a District Director, it has been my distinctpleasure to work with the community of Officers, Directors, Governors and committee members.  I deeply appreciate the privilege to participate in the Board of Directors decision making processes which keep CALI functioning and moving forward.

I enjoy being a part of this great association and I appreciate everyone's hard work and efforts. Being on the Board has helped me see how many moving parts there are in this great association.   I have been assigned to several committees over the past four years.  I am the Chairperson for the Certified Professional Investigator (CPI) and Certified Security Professional (CSP) committee.  The CPI/CSP committee has worked hard to breath new life into the certification program.  

I have been encouraged by many members to put my name forward as your next Vice President of Administrative Services.  I will offer my energy, assistance and guidance as necessary to the dedicated local district leaders.

I foresee CALI continuing to expand half-day and full-day joint district trainings, on-line training, establishing mentor partnerships between experienced investigators and newer members, and outreach to foster growth in our membership.  If the membership gives me the opportunity, I am ready to serve.

Roberto Rivera for the position of Vice President of Investigative & Security Services
My goals as an Incumbent VP of Investigative Services are to continually focus on strengthening our fulfillment of the Association's mission to encourage education, training and networking amongst the membership, be ahead of legislation affecting our industry and continuing to grow our member base amongst our changing industry. The goal remains continuity of membership benefits with a minimal or no increased cost to our membership. 

As a current three-time Director-at-Large (DAL), three-time District Director and current Incumbent VP of Investigative Services, I have continually displayed my commitment and service to our Association. In the past, I have served as the Chair of the CALI Scholarship Committee and Unlicensed Practices Committees, along with participating in other committees. I am endorsed by my fellow Officers including the current CALI President Anne Fields, and VP of Admin Services, Maki Kudaka. 

For many who might not know, my background as a CALI Member began in 1998 when I initially became licensed and began my own investigative firm in Northern California, serving clients locally, nationwide and internationally. I am proud to be celebrating my 20th year as a licensee, having entered this industry as a first career.

I am seeking re-election to continue my work in our Association as Vice President of Investigative Services, furthering CALI be as an outstanding member-driven and industry-focused organization. Our membership, our colleagues, and our businesses both need and deserve a stronger professional association to forge into the future as our industry continues to evolve into a new millennium.

David C. Williams for the position of Vice President of Investigative & Security Services

I am currently seeking the position as Vice President of Investigation & Security Services with CALI.  As a long- time member of CALI I believe in our association and I believe that my experience is of a great benefit to the position I am seeking. We are the predominant investigative association representing all of the investigators/private patrol operators licensed through BSIS. I feel that as former law enforcement officer and a long time licensed investigator that I have the experience to represent CALI with both the law enforcement community and the investigative/security industry. Having served on the legislative committee for many years I am very aware of what issues affect the investigative/security industry in Sacramento. This experience will assist me as CALI's Vice President.  Also I am active with the Southern California Fraud Investigators Association ( where I am currently the President. This position with SCFIA as President has given me additional experience with law enforcement, the insurance industry and other non- private investigative and security related sectors. As we go into the future I believe that CALI has the means and the ability to be at the forefront of everything that affects the investigation/private patrol operators here in California. With my background and experience I feel that I might be able to assist on getting better-focused content of professional education, which increases the value to our clients. We have done this with the seminars that SCFIA offers and now want to be able to do it with CALI. I also want to be able to generate more leads and benefits for our members, which will increase the members, own revenues.   I want to continue using my experience and knowledge to CALI's advantage by being elected the next Vice President.

Chris Reynolds for the position of Treasurer

I am seeking re-election as the Treasurer of CALI for the 2018-19 Term.  I have served on the board of directors for the past fifteen years, including four terms as President, one term as Treasurer, multiple terms as a Director of the North Bay District and one year as a Director at Large.  I have been actively involved with the Budget committee since its formation.  The budget committee works with the Executive Director to monitor and approve all CALI spending.  During my first term as Treasurer the finances were well managed and CALI continued to main a strong balance sheet. This year, CALI will undergo a full audit, a technical and labor intensive task. I look forward to continue serving CALI as Treasurer and I ask for your vote.


Tawni Tyndall, CPI, CFE for the position of Secretary

Sean Ditty, CPI for the position of Director-at-Large
My fellow CALI members,

I am seeking election as Director-at-Large (DAL). I am an honorably retired peace officer (22 years) and a licensed Private Investigator (19 years). I have been a CALI member for 15 years.  I served six years on the CALI Board of Directors (BOD) as the Redding District Director. I currently serve on the CPI and Membership committees. I am a Certified Professional Investigator (CPI). I have also served as the president of a national PI trade association. I support CALI, its ideals, ethics and goals.

Every member is a valuable link in the success of CALI. During my previous tenure on the BOD, I was intensely involved in several major issues that directly affected the CALI membership! I am constantly watching out for agenda items that directly affect the membership and will continue to do so as a BOD member. Members need to see their BOD members at their district meetings. As DAL, I promise to visit every CALI district, at my expense, at least once during each year of my 2-year term. During those visits, I hope to meet with as many members as I can and discuss with them, at length, their hopes, concerns, needs and expectations for CALI. In turn, I will bring that information to the BOD. I also promise that I will personally contact every former CALI member, listen to their concerns as to why they left and encourage them to rejoin CALI. Finally, I am, as always, available to any CALI member, 24/7 by cell, text or email. 

I am more than happy to discuss these topics with you at any time. Please don't hesitate to call me.




Sean Ditty, CPI

Bradley A. Pfanner for the position of Director-at-Large
It has been a great pleasure to serve as Director At Large for these past several months.  Although I have held the position for short time, I feel I have hit the ground running to better the relationship between this great association and its members.

As many of you know, I have served on the Board of Directors for CALI since 2014, when I became the District Director for the Golden Valley District. It was my pleasure to serve as District Director until the board was able to appoint me as Director At Large at the start of this fiscal year.  I have become more aware than ever of the high caliber of our membership and what this association brings to the table to better us all in the investigative profession.

I feel that my biggest strengths are my ability to think objectively and reasonably, along with my ability to connect with people, regardless of personality types, political beliefs, and cultural differences. With a full term, and hopefully more, I will be diligent in assisting the district leadership and the membership with keeping in communication with each other.  I strongly believe the Director At Large should be someone who is level headed, objective, and has a good rapport with the district leaders and the membership.  Being centrally located, in Modesto, it allows me to more easily spend time with other districts throughout the state. I believe these points are why I continue to be the strongest candidate for this position.  I hope to be able to continue to serve the board and the members of this great association, as Director At Large, and I ask for your support.   

Thank you,

Bradley Pfanner