CALI Vice President of Administration’s Report

Tuesday, April 09, 2013  

As of March 6, 2013, all districts appear financially healthy. Only three districts are under 1,000.00 in the bank. Luckily, one of the three districts is an active district and I’m certain they will bounce back quickly. It also appears that all but two districts will make their four meeting requirement; San Fernando Valley and San Joaquin Valley have yet to hold a meet. On a good note, Riley Parker has stepped in and put together a meeting scheduled for March 28, 2013. I will work with Mr. Parker to put together a May Election meeting in hopes of getting the San Joaquin Valley district back on track.

At this point in time, I will begin developing a list of speakers to help with district events. Up until now, I have been saving emails from conferences and speaking engagements for our list. I will take these emails and compile them into a database and turn it over to CALI’s executive director. I project handing this list over to the CALI executive director by mid June.

Kenneth W. Childs