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Jeremiah Morgan

Pro-Detection, LLC
PO Box 272
Moss Beach CA 94038-0272

Phone: 866-234 4777

PI/PPO License Number: 23037

Education and Experience: NLITE Certification March 2013

CALI Member since: 11/25/1996
CALI District: East Bay

Erik Nilsson

California Special Investigative & Protective Services
1901 Harrison St.
Suite 1100
Oakland CA 94612

Phone: 888-803-6974
Cell Phone: 925-621-8750

PI/PPO License Number: PI 28137

Specialties: Accident Reconstruction, Adoption, Arson, Asset Checks, Background Investigations, Bank and Accounting Fraud, Bodyguard, Child Abuse, Child Custody, Civil Investigations, Construction Sites, Corporate Investigations, Covert Video, Criminal Investigations, Defense, Document Examination, Domestic, Drugs, Executive Protection, Firearms, Identity Theft, Industrial Accidents, Medical/Legal Malpractice, Missing Persons, Missing Pets/Animals, Organized Crime, Patrol, Personal Injury, Photography, Process Service, Public Interest Investigations, Security, Skip Trace, Surveillance, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Trial Preparation, Undercover, White Collar Crime, Workers' Comp, Workplace Investigations

CALI Member since: 08/02/2016
CALI District: East Bay

Randy Ontiveros

Rand Investigations

Phone: 510-290-7000
Cell Phone: 510-290-7000

PI/PPO License Number: 8915

CALI Member since: 01/01/1985
CALI District: East Bay

Gerry Patten

Certified Professional Investigator

3001 Bayshore Rd. Ste. 6
Benicia CA 94510-1260

Phone: 707-745-1922

PI/PPO License Number: PI8052

CALI District: East Bay

Irene Perea

PEREA AND AssociateS
PO Box 14373
Fremont CA 94539

Phone: 510-795-9444
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: PI20938

Specialties: Industrial Accidents, Insurance

CALI Member since: 05/30/2008
CALI District: East Bay

Alberto Perez

Perez Investigations, Inc
Martinez CA 94553

Phone: 1-888-449-0382
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: PI8773


CALI Member since: 01/29/2014
CALI District: East Bay

Lynn Peterson

6114 La Salle Ave. Ste. 638
Oakland CA 94611

Phone: 510-336-9761

PI/PPO License Number: 20606

Specialties: Background Investigations

CALI Member since: 03/23/1999
CALI District: East Bay

Andrew Price

California Investigative Resources
PO Box 3111
Vallejo CA 94590

Phone: 7074003005
Cell Phone: 7074003005

PI/PPO License Number: 12854

Specialties: Background Investigations, Child Abuse, Child Custody, Children's Rights, Civil Investigations, Covert Video, Criminal Investigations, Defense, Domestic, Insurance, Missing Heirs, Missing Persons, Motorcycle, Real Estate, Skip Trace, Social Media, Surveillance, Workers' Comp

CALI District: East Bay

Kurt Ribak

PO Box 8045
Berkeley CA 94707

Phone: 510-703-7035
Cell Phone: 510-703-7035
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: PI16605

CALI Member since: 08/21/2013
CALI District: East Bay

Harry Samra

Prime Time Investigations
4327 San Juan Avenue
Fremont CA 94536

Phone: 510-299-7243
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: 23087

Specialties: Industrial Accidents, Insurance, Surveillance, Workers' Comp

CALI Member since: 04/14/2014
CALI District: East Bay

Robert Scurria

PO Box 1193
Pleasanton CA 94566

Phone: 925-846-5341
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: PI19825

Specialties: Child Custody, Domestic, Surveillance

CALI Member since: 05/27/1993
CALI District: East Bay

Albert Sidwell

Sidwell Investigations, Inc.

Cell Phone: 925-765-4674

PI/PPO License Number: 22405

Specialties: Workers' Comp

CALI Member since: 05/24/2016
CALI District: East Bay

Juan Sigler

Sigler and Associates Investigations
20283 Santa Maria Ave #2731
Castro Valley CA 94546

Phone: 510-919-1318

PI/PPO License Number: 27981

Specialties: Background Investigations, Civil Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Defense, Missing Persons, Mystery Shopping, Personal Injury, Process Service, Retired, Surveillance, Trial Preparation, Workers' Comp

CALI Member since: 10/01/2012
CALI District: East Bay

Terry Simpson

Simpson Investigative Services Group
PO Box 23786
Pleasant Hill CA 94523

Phone: 925-826-5748
Cell Phone: 925-348-0717
Website: http://

Specialties: Workplace Investigations

CALI Member since: 10/31/2011
CALI District: East Bay

David Smothers

D.W. SMOTHERS & Associates
PO Box 2804
Castro Valley CA 94546-0804

Phone: 510-728-9861

PI/PPO License Number: PI9925

CALI District: East Bay

Clayton Steacker

Steacker Investigations & Associates
3130 Balfour Rd. Suite D #191
Brentwood CA 94513

Phone: 925-324-3408
Cell Phone: 925-324-3408

PI/PPO License Number: 22428

Specialties: Background Investigations, Civil Investigations, Corporate Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Domestic, Human Trafficking, Identity Theft, Skip Trace, Surveillance, Trial Preparation, White Collar Crime, Workplace Investigations

Education and Experience: Over 20 years of experience as a Police Officer in CA. 10 years as a Detective/Investigator.

CALI Member since: 07/09/2017
CALI District: East Bay

Dale Stephens

D.S. STEPHENS & AssociateS
PO Box 3042
Danville CA 94506

Phone: 925-736-3761
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: PI18752

Specialties: Bank and Accounting Fraud, Civil Investigations, Corporate Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Defense, White Collar Crime

CALI Member since: 04/13/2012
CALI District: East Bay

Russell Stetler

Office of the Federal Public Defender
1301 Clay Street
Suite 1350-N
Oakland CA 94612

Phone: 510-637-1903
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: PI-8650

Specialties: Criminal Investigations, Defense

CALI Member since: 03/08/1999
CALI District: East Bay

Tony Suggs

Castle Confidential Investigations
318 27th Street
Richmond CA 94804

PI/PPO License Number: 29038

CALI Member since: 09/28/2015
CALI District: East Bay

Wendy Sullivan

Pickering Sullivan Investigations
PO Box18678
Oakland CA 94619-3603

PI/PPO License Number: 28481

Specialties: Adoption, Asset Checks, Background Investigations, Civil Investigations, Corporate Investigations, Missing Persons

Education and Experience: B.A. UC Berkeley; Kroll Associates, OSO Group, Guidepost Solutions, SpencerStuart before starting my own company

CALI Member since: 01/19/2013
CALI District: East Bay

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