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Leo Jackson

Special K Investigations
8306 Wilshire Blvd #1254
Beverly Hills CA 90211

Phone: 213 703-0343
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: 12993

Specialties: Asset Checks, Background Investigations, Bodyguard, Executive Protection, Civil Investigations, Corporate Investigations, Covert Video, Criminal Investigations, Defense, Insurance, Security, Surveillance, Undercover, Workplace Investigations, Workers' Comp

CALI Member since: 05/21/2012
CALI District: Los Angeles

Fernando Jimenez

Fernando Jimenez & Associates, Incorporated
20651 Golden Springs Dr. #332
Walnut CA 91789

Phone: 951-500-9844
Cell Phone: 951-500-9844

PI/PPO License Number: PI23907

Specialties: Asset Checks, Background Investigations, Civil Investigations, Computer Crimes, Internet Security, Covert Video, Identity Theft, Insurance, Personal Injury, Probate, Missing Heirs, Process Service, Real Estate, Skip Trace, Surveillance

CALI Member since: 03/28/2006
CALI District: Los Angeles

David Johnson

S. Southern Executive Security Services
5406 Edgewood Pl. Ste. 6
Los Angeles CA 90019

Phone: 213-273-6700
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: PPO17783

Specialties: Background Investigations, Polygraph, Security

CALI Member since: 07/15/2009
CALI District: Los Angeles

Mark Johnson

CCAIC Investigations
3680 Wilshire Blvd., Suite P04
Los Angeles CA 90010

Phone: 5593620258
Cell Phone: (559) 362-0258

PI/PPO License Number: P28034

Specialties: Background Investigations, Civil Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Insurance, Personal Injury, Process Service, Public Interest Investigations, Trial Preparation, Workers' Comp, Workplace Investigations

Education and Experience: I have 35-plus years of conducting criminal investigations, both as a sworn peace officer and as a criminal defense investigator. I hold a BS degree in Criminal Justice and have acquired several specialized training certificates in sex crimes and homicide investigations, forensics, crime scene processing and evidence handling.

CALI Member since: 11/17/2017
CALI District: Los Angeles

Robert Jones


Phone: (818) 266-9181
Cell Phone: 818 266-9181
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: +21339

Specialties: Background Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Defense

CALI Member since: 02/03/2015
CALI District: Los Angeles

Andy Kay

Kay and Associates Investigations
16161Ventura Blvd C878
Encino CA 91436

Phone: 3108719411

PI/PPO License Number: 15832

Specialties: White Collar Crime

CALI Member since: 04/21/2018
CALI District: Los Angeles

Harry Kazakian

Express Investigative Services
21031 Ventura Boulevard
Suite 920
Woodland Hills CA 91364

Phone: (877) 872-3977
Cell Phone: (818) 391-4212

PI/PPO License Number: PI22511

Specialties: Adjusting Insurance

CALI Member since: 07/06/2000
CALI District: Los Angeles

Thomas Kemp

Award(s): Founding Member

Republic National Security
585 Cliff Drive
Pasadena CA 91107

Phone: (626) 792-8212

PI/PPO License Number: PI5518

Specialties: Background Investigations, Bank and Accounting Fraud, Missing Persons

CALI District: Los Angeles

Arthur King

King Investigations
226 S Lucia Ave
Apt 2
Redondo Beach CA 90277

Phone: 213-441-3498
Cell Phone: 408-593-6406
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: 28086

Specialties: Workplace Investigations

CALI Member since: 09/29/2017
CALI District: Los Angeles

Randy Kirby

Randy E. Kirby Investigations
1407 Foothill Boulevard
Suite 237
La Verne CA 91750

Phone: 909-973-0017
Website: http://

Specialties: Background Investigations

CALI Member since: 03/01/2018
CALI District: Los Angeles

John Konecnik

John A. Konecnik and Associates Private Investigator
P.O. Box 4051
Westlake Village CA 91359-1051

Phone: (805) 371-1716
Cell Phone: (805) 807-5067
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: 12258

Specialties: Background Investigations, Missing Persons, Skip Trace, Surveillance

CALI Member since: 04/28/2016
CALI District: Los Angeles

Patricia Kotze

Diversified Risk Management Inc.
14441 Mar Vista Street
Whittier CA 23294

Phone: (562) 319-0411
Cell Phone: 909-376-8991

PI/PPO License Number: 23294

Specialties: Asset Checks, Bank and Accounting Fraud, Civil Investigations, Computer Crimes, Corporate Investigations, Covert Video, Drugs, Identity Theft, Probate/Missing Heirs, Process Service, Products Liability, Surveillance, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Undercover, Workers' Comp

CALI Member since: 09/06/2016
CALI District: Los Angeles

Keith Krasnove

Corporate Security Investigations
2104 Ironwood Ct
Pine Mountain Club CA 93222

Phone: 661-242-1405
Cell Phone: 661-253-1294

PI/PPO License Number: 20897

CALI Member since: 01/09/2017
CALI District: Los Angeles

Greg Krikorian

Krikorian Private Investigations
4150 Roessler Court
Rolling Hills Estates CA 90274

Cell Phone: (310) 344-2721
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: 29003

Specialties: Criminal Investigations

CALI Member since: 09/19/2016
CALI District: Los Angeles

James Lamb

Certified Professional Investigator

James R. Lamb Investigations
P.O. Box 16268
North Hollywood CA 91615

Phone: 310-804-3369
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: PI26563

Specialties: Civil Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Defense

CALI Member since: 01/01/1987
CALI District: Los Angeles

Andrew Lamprey

Andrews International Consulting & Investigations
28001 Smyth Dr.
Valencia CA 91355

Phone: 818-942-6592
Website: http://

Specialties: Personal Injury, Products Liability, Skip Trace, Trial Preparation

CALI Member since: 04/12/2010
CALI District: Los Angeles

Gilbert Lopez

Eye Spy Investigative Services
396 S California Ave Unit 1244
West Covina CA 91793

Phone: 626-703-3296

PI/PPO License Number: 187891

Specialties: Background Investigations, Covert Video, Insurance, Surveillance, Workers' Comp

Education and Experience: POST Certified Background Investigators Course

CALI Member since: 11/21/2017
CALI District: Los Angeles