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Williamd Valantine

Serpico Ivestigations
1464 Madera Road
Suite N-118
Simi Valley CA 93065-3077
United States

Phone: (805) 578-2562

PI/PPO License Number: PI-5289

Specialties: Adoption, Asset Checks, Background Investigations, Civil Investigations, Covert Video, Domestic, Insurance, Missing Heirs, Missing Persons, Mystery Shopping, Personal Injury, Photography, Probate, Process Service, Skip Trace, Surveillance, Trial Preparation

CALI District: Los Angeles

John Valentino

1717 S Bedford St.
Los Angeles CA 90035
United States

Phone: 2135144890
Cell Phone: 2135144890
Website: http://none

PI/PPO License Number: 27444

Specialties: Surveillance

CALI Member since: 02/26/2017
CALI District: Los Angeles

Deedra Van Strien Alvarado

Under the Rose Investigations
13636 Ventura Blvd
Suite 190
Sherman Oaks CA 91423
United States

Phone: 818-207-6733

PI/PPO License Number: PI187867

Specialties: Accident Reconstruction, Adjusting Insurance, Adoption, Asset Checks, Auto, Background Investigations, Executive Protection, Child Custody, Children's Rights, Civil Investigations, Construction Sites, Defense, Document Examination, Insurance, Medical/Legal Malpractice, Missing Persons, Mystery Shopping, Personal Injury, Probate, Missing Heirs, Process Service, Products Liability, Public Interest Investigations, Skip Trace, Trial Preparation, Undercover, Workplace Investigations, Probate/Missing Heirs

CALI Member since: 05/09/2016
CALI District: Los Angeles

Eric Varisco

U.S. Federal Department of Labor-Enforcement
35 North Lake Avenue
Suite 300
Pasadena CA 91101
United States

Phone: (310) 489-3685
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: 19227

CALI Member since: 11/18/2017
CALI District: Los Angeles

Edward Vasquez

ESV Investigations
P.O. Box 1792
West Covina CA 626-800-4062

Phone: 626-800-4062
Cell Phone: 909-231-8960
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: 19379

CALI District: Los Angeles

Frederick Vigil

Vigil Security & Investigations
4607 Lakeview Canyon Road
Suite 431
Westlake Village CA 91361
United States

Phone: (805) 241-4697

PI/PPO License Number: PI22239

Specialties: Executive Protection

Education and Experience: 25 years executive protection

CALI Member since: 11/04/2009
CALI District: Los Angeles

Vu Forensics & Advisory LLC

P.O. Box 802376
Santa Clarita CA 91380

Main Contact: Cindy Vu
Phone: 323-975-6880

Specialties: Asset Checks, Background Investigations, Bank and Accounting Fraud, Civil Investigations, Corporate Investigations, Document Examination, Identity Theft
CALI Member since: 04/13/2018
CALI District: Los Angeles

Rhonda Wachtel

Brady Investigations
P.O. Box 436
North Hollywood CA 91603
United States

Phone: (818) 506-3052
Cell Phone: (818) 634-7255

PI/PPO License Number: PI18410

Specialties: Asset Checks

CALI Member since: 05/25/1997
CALI District: Los Angeles

Kelley Waldrip

ACME Confidential
PO Box 241466
Los Angeles CA 90024

Phone: 424-248-9070
Cell Phone: 202-255-8586

PI/PPO License Number: CA 29061

Specialties: Asset Checks, Background Investigations, Civil Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Defense, Drugs, Firearms, Public Interest Investigations, Skip Trace, Surveillance, Trial Preparation, Undercover

CALI Member since: 03/03/2016
CALI District: Los Angeles

Maritia Walper

The Sleuth Ferry
Pasadena CA 91105
United States

Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: 28608

CALI Member since: 02/07/2014
CALI District: Los Angeles

John Watkins

Watkins & Associates
425 E Arrow hwy #334
same as above
Glendora CA 91740

Phone: (626) 963-0318
Cell Phone: (310) 429-0532

PI/PPO License Number: 187882

Specialties: Background Investigations, Child Abuse, Criminal Investigations, Process Service, Workplace Investigations

CALI District: Los Angeles

Gary Weller

P.O. Box 800479
Los Angeles CA 91354
United States

Phone: 661-904-5817
Cell Phone: 661-904-5817
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: 21542

CALI Member since: 11/20/2017
CALI District: Los Angeles

Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf Enterprises Inc.
P.O. Box 291
Wolford Heights CA 93285
United States

Phone: 760-376-2755
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: PI18121

Specialties: Drugs, Surveillance, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

CALI Member since: 06/16/2006
CALI District: Los Angeles

Susie Wright - Transcription & Report Services

29980 Skyline Drive
Tehachapi CA 93561
Service & Industry Type: Transcription Services

Main Contact: Susie Wright
Phone: 661-821-1656

CALI Member since: 01/28/1982
CALI District: Los Angeles