CALI Listserv Rules & Purpose

The CALI Listserv is a great way to communicate quickly and easily with our subscribed members regarding business work assistance requests and case work/assignments. By sending an E-mail message to the CALI Listserv address, your message will be sent to all subscribers.

The CALI Listserv is for the exclusive use of CALI members. To gain access to the Listserv for the first time go to the following page and fill out the form to be added. Click Here. Requests are usually handled the same business day.

The Listserv is the property of the California Association of Licensed Investigators. Its use is a privilege, not a right of membership. To participate in the CALI Listserv, you must abide by the Listserv Rules and Purpose.

To maintain the integrity and professional standards of the Listserv, and to provide the maximum benefit to our members, the "CALI Listserv Rules and Purpose” have been established by the Board of Directors. By subscribing to the CALI Listserv, you agree to abide the requirements, prohibitions, and policies of the Listserv. The Rules are posted in the member section of the CALI website and are also available upon request from the CALI office.

Member posts are not moderated and do not necessarily reflect the opinion or endorsement of CALI.

Association use of Listserv: The purpose of the Listserv is to provide a method for the Association – through its Board of Directors, Executive Director, or authorized representative – to communicate to its members about the association and association-related matters and policies.

Member use of the Listserv: Member use of the Listserv is solely for the purpose of exchanging business referrals, posting work assistance requests and information specifically related to PI or PPO case work and/or assignments.

The CALI Listserv is not a chat room or blog and is not intended for the purpose of expressing personal opinions or addressing a dispute with the Association, individuals or businesses.

Communications which do not conform to the Rules and Purpose of the Listserv are prohibited and may result in disciplinary action up to and including your removal from the Listserv.

CALI Association Matters & Policies
Unless specifically authorized by the Board of Directors, a member may not post messages regarding the Association, association-related matters or policies. Questions, concerns or comments about association matters or policies, should be sent directly to the CALI office, Association President, your District Director, the appropriate Committee Chair, or

Subscribing/Unsubscribing Requests
Do not subscribe or unsubscribe by posting a message to the CALI Listserv. The Listserv is for members only, therefore subscription requires the authorization of the CALI office. Requests may be made online via the Listserv page in the member section of the CALI website or by contacting the CALI office at 949-715-5401 or Requests will be handled during regular business hours.

To temporarily unsubscribe you can also use and then to regain access.

Updating Your E-Mail Address / Membership Information
Do not post E-mail address or other membership information changes to the Listserv. Notify the CALI office immediately with an E-mail address change.

Virus Protection
To provide maximum protection for our members, the CALI Listserv is configured to automatically block all attachments and HTML text. Please configure your messages and signature block to eliminate HTML text.


  1. Signature Block
    1. Active, Associate Members: Messages must be concluded with name, agency and PI and/or PPO license number of the sender.
    2. Affiliate and Service & Industry Members: Messages must be concluded with membership classification, and name, agency/company of the sender.
    3. Signature block should be limited to one office location.
    4. Signature block: shall be formatted in such a manner as to contain the member’s name, company name and PI number (as listed with the BSIS or other licensing agency), address of record and telephone number.
    5. Branch offices may be listed as long as they are licensed and/or permitted by the BSIS or other licensing agency.
    6. E-mails to the Listserv must be posted and signed by the individual CALI member only.

Prohibitions: Members

  1. Posting questions, concerns or comments about the Association, the CALI President or other members of the Board of Directors, or Association matters or policies, unless specifically authorized by the Board of Directors to do so.
  2. Using the Listserv to address a dispute with the Association, a member, a non-member, or any business entity.
  3. Use of inflammatory, derogatory, profane or vulgar language.
  4. Endorsements of candidates for CALI or any election campaign. No campaign posts, positive or negative, or attacks against candidates are permitted.
  5. Dissemination of messages on behalf of members whose Listserv privileges have been modified or suspended.
  6. Requests for unlawful or "questionable” services, as defined: Information about a person or entity that cannot, in all probability, be accomplished in compliance with all of the laws applicable to that activity. Examples include, but are not limited to, personal information that is contained in telephone, medical, social security, tax, and/or financial records including banks and credit card providers, or information that requires a release of the owner of the information.
  7. Disclosure of personal identifiers regarding your investigative subject. Warnings of potential clients by name asking for questionable services.
  8. Providing non-members–which includes your staff or business associates–access to Listserv messages, to include forwarding Listserv messages to non-members
  9. Advertisements or promotional announcements for any organization, person or business, including notices for other association meetings and/or seminars, or for your services or the services of others, unless approved in advance by the Listserv Committee.
  10. Advertising: posting a recommended service provider is permitted, however, any further reference to “quality of service” or “pricing” of service is prohibited.
  11. Posting "warning” messages, not approved by the CALI President or Listserv Chair, which alert members to potential viruses, Trojan attacks, identity theft concerns, or other computer security issues.
  12. No jokes or motivational messages. The CALI Listserv is for professional and business related postings only.
  13. Polling of the CALI membership, unless specifically approved in advance by the Listserv Committee.
  14. Posting on behalf of a sanctioned member or a non-member is prohibited.
  15. "Probation"--following a violation and a sanction the member may, at the discretion of the Listserv Committee Chairperson, place the member on "moderate" status. This means that ONLY a Listserv Committee member can "approve" (not edit) the message thusly allowing it to post to the listserv.

Posting Policy
The subject “field” shall contain the basis of the posting and shall include the city where a service is to be provided and/or the focus of a question that is going to be asked.

Upon receiving answer(s) to the question or assigning a task the originating poster shall post “handled” in the subject field as soon as possible.

Responses to specific questions shall be sent to the posting originator and not to the entire listserv.

“STOP THIS THREAD” requests may be posted by any member of the Listserv Committee. Posting(s) following that request shall be considered a violation

Advertising and Items for Sale by Members
Promotional announcements are limited to a one-time posting by new subscribers within 30 days of joining CALI and must be cleared by the Listserv Committee. This post is for the purpose of introducing themselves and their services. Fees/rates are not to be posted. 

Advertising: posting a recommended service provider is permitted, however, any further reference to “quality of service” or “pricing” of service is prohibited.

Listserv Enforcement Procedures
The Listserv is the property of the California Association of Licensed Investigators. Its use is a privilege, not a right of membership.

CALI membership fee is non refundable once membership has been approved and/or for lack of Listserv usage or Listserv removal due to sanction/listserv rule violation(s).

The Listserv Committee is tasked by the Board of Directors to enforce the Listserv Rules and Purpose in accordance with the policies and actions of the CALI Board of Directors.

Upon receiving a warning, sanction or email from the Listserv Chairperson, regarding a Listserv matter, the member has five (5) business days to acknowledge, by email, receipt of said correspondence. Should a member not respond, that becomes a VIOLATION subject to the “violation” parameters currently in place.

First Violation: A first violation of the Listserv Rules or Purpose, specifically Prohibitions, will result in the modification of the subscriber's Listserv status for 15 days.

A first violation of the Listserv Rules or Purpose, will result in a warning issued to the member by either the CALI Listserv Chair or by a designated member of the CALI Listserv Committee or the CALI office.

Second Violation: A second violation of the Listserv Rules or Purpose, will result in the modification of the subscriber's Listserv status for 60 days.

Third Violation: A third violation of the Listserv Purpose or Rules will result in the modification of the subscriber's Listserv status for a period of time to be determined by the Board of Directors.

Serious Violation: In all instances, and notwithstanding the violation history of the subscriber, the Committee or the Board of Directors may determine that the member has demonstrated a reckless and total disregard for the Listserv Rules and Purpose which will result in the modification of the subscriber’s Listserv status. The Board of Directors reserves the right to suspend all Listserv privileges for a serious violation. The duration of the enforcement action will be determined by the Board of Directors or Listserv Committee. The Committee and the Board of Directors reserve the right to modify the operating Rules and to temporarily revoke Listserv privileges at any time for abusive conduct. All suspensions shall be immediate. Violation appeals shall be in accordance with policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors. The Listserv Chair and/or the sitting CALI President may temporarily modify a subscriber's Listserv privileges in the case of egregious violations of Prohibitions, pending a vote by the Listserv Committee.

Listserv Violation Record: Each violation will remain on the member's Listserv violation record for a period of two years from the date of the violation.

Violations require a majority vote of the Listserv Committee, and/or the Board of Directors in the case of a Third or Serious Violation.

In the case of all modifications or suspensions, restoration of subscription privileges shall be made on the first following business day.

Nothing in these Enforcement Procedures precludes possible Disciplinary action as prescribed in the CALI Bylaws.

Listserv Appeal: The Listserv Committee and its Chairperson are chosen by the CALI President and confirmed by the CALI BOD.  They are tasked with monitoring the postings on the Listserv and assuring that the posting are conforming to the existing Rules and Regulations and to meet and discuss violations that may result in warnings, sanctions or suspensions.
The Committee’s duties fall under the category of "administrative action” and, as such, any form of sanction is their responsibility and normally is the result of a Committee consensus.  The ultimate responsibility for Committee decisions rests with the Committee Chairperson.
Any CALI member that has been subjected to any form of sanction may appeal said sanction back to the committee for re-evaluation. The request for sanction modification shall include a narrative of mitigating circumstances, provided by the offender, to be considered objectively by the Committee.
The final appeal decision shall be the responsibility of the Committee Chairperson.
In rare cases of sanctions extending beyond ninety (90) days or where the member’s behavior was so egregious as to warrant a more severe sanction, the Committee Chairperson shall confer with the CALI President and a decision shall be made, by the President and the Committee Chairperson, as to a more severe sanction considering open options or, at the request of the President, the matter may be escalated to the CALI BOD.  In such a case the matter shall be immediately adjudicated while the President either agendas the matter for the next BOD meeting or calls for an immediate telephonic conference to finalize the sanction.

Revised January 13, 2017