2017-2018 CALI Board of Directors
Slate of Nominees & Candidate Statements

Slate of Nominees

Anne Fields

Vice President Administrative ServicesMaki Kudaka, CPI

Vice President of Investigative Services
Roberto Rivera, CPI

Vice President of Security Services
David Williams

Oleg Flaksman, CPI

Chris Reynolds

Director at Large
John Proveaux

Director at Large
Dan Goldsmith

Candidate Statements

Anne Fields for the position of President

It is with great pride that I submit my name as a candidate for President of CALI. I have served on the board of directors of CALI as the San Jose District Governor and the San Jose District Director (9 terms), a Director at Large, the Vice President of Investigative Services, Vice President of Administrative Services and the Treasurer for the past three years. I have served on several committees and have been the Chair of the Unlicensed
Practices, Scholarship, Bylaws, Budget and Historian Committees.

Legislation is one of my top priorities. Numerous bills are introduced each year that impact every member. I will support the promotion of a strong Legislative program that reaches out to our members for support.

I support a strong education program through NLITE, ELITE, and the Annual Conference. I support transparency and good communication between the board and the membership. I have been working as a private investigator since 1984 and a member of CALI since 1987. I have extensive experience conducting Criminal Defense Investigations, Administrative Investigations and Trial Preparation.

In 2003, I received the CALI Investigator of the Year Award. During my career, I have been a mentor to several new private investigators.

I will perform my duties even when it is difficult or awkward. I understand the history of CALI and the association’s strengths and weaknesses. One of my goals is to keep CALI dues reasonable while supporting our membership programs. I look forward to the opportunity to serve our membership and the organization.

Maki Kudaka, CPI for the position of Vice President of Administrative Services

Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Vice President of Administrative Services for the past year.  I am asking for your support as I seek for re-election for the 2017-2018 term.
My experience in CALI Leadership includes serving as Orange District Governor (2014-2015), Senior Governor (2015), Orange District Director (2015-2016), Chair of Membership Committee (2016-current), and Member of Scholarship Committee (2015-current), and Annual Conference Committee (2014-current).  I was awarded the Governor of the Year award in 2015.

As VP of Admin, I have actively assisted all 14 District Governors and Directors in enhancing the quality of their District events with quality speakers, education and training, and legislative advocacy.  In an effort to provide support and resources to District Leaders (DL) to accomplish this, I have implemented monthly DL conference calls to offer training, share ideas and encourage team support for success within their Districts.
As CALI Membership Committee Chair, I have worked with all Committee Members to formulate and implement short and long-term plans to increase the number of CALI membership with qualified, well-trained investigators.  

My dedication, passion, enthusiasm and energy over the years in Leadership have demonstrated my qualification and level of commitment to CALI to serve as your VP of Admin.   I look forward to 2017-2018 term and the challenges it may bring.  My goals are to continue working closely with DL’s to strengthen the Districts and provide value added benefits through events, training and networking opportunities.  I will work diligently to identify and execute plans to increase the number of CALI membership with highly-trained professionals.

I am fortunate to have the support of President Robert Rice, CALI Executive Officers, Board of Directors and Governors.  I hope to have your support in re-electing me as your Vice President of Administrative Services.   Thank you.

Roberto Rivera for the position of Vice President of Investigative Services

My goals as a VP of Investigative Services are to continually focus on furthering our fulfillment of the Association’s mission to encourage education, training and networking amongst the membership and our peers, and continuing to grow our member base. Fiscally speaking, our Association is a momentous time of change and securing future streams of revenue to the Association promises to be one of the next Board’s imminent tasks. The goal is continuity of overall membership benefits with a minimal increased cost to our membership.

My background as a CALI Member began in 1998 when I became initially licensed and began my own investigative firm in Northern California, serving clients locally, nationwide and internationally.

As a current three-time Director-at-Large (DAL) and three-time District Director, I have continued my commitment and service to our Association. In the past, I have served as the Chair of the CALI Scholarship Committee and Unlicensed Practices Committees, along with participating in other committees.

I am seeking election to continue my work in our Association as Vice President of Investigative Services, furthering CALI be as an outstanding member-driven and industry-focused organization. Our membership, our colleagues, and our businesses both need and deserve a better, stronger professional association to forge into the future as a stronger Investigative and Security Association. A strong CALI allows for better sharing of knowledge through member supported meetings, trainings and networking, such as the local District events and annual training classes offered throughout the year in various venues.

The need for a united proactive Association towards the State Fund situation, good benefits for our members and continued participation with BSIS remain important concerns for our membership on a regular basis.

Chris Reynolds for the position of Treasurer


I am seeking election as the Treasurer of CALI for the 2017-18 Term.  I have served on the board of directors for the past fourteen years as a Director of the North Bay District, Director at Large and four terms as your President.  I have been actively involved with the Budget committee since its formation.  The budget committee works with the Executive Director to monitor and approve all CALI spending.  I have worked closely with Northwestern Mutual, the investment company responsible for CALI’s investment portfolio. I believe I am qualified to serve CALI in this position and I respectfully ask for your vote.


Oleg Flaksman, CFE, CPI for the position of Secretary

I am excited to run for CALI secretary for the 2017-2018 term. This was my first year as secretary and I feel that my performance as a board member will continue to mature as my desire to contribute to our profession grows more every day. This year I have made progress with the memoriam committee and believe that we will have a finished page on our website completed by the coming CALI year. We are also working diligently on the online education program to continue to improve the online test prep course with the help of the entire committee. I will continue to contribute as much time as I can find to CALI and to the benefit of all PI’s.
Thank you,     
Oleg Flaksman, CFE, CPI

John Proveaux for the position of Director-at-Large

CALI is a great organization composed of a wide variety of private investigators and associates from Southern California, the Central Valley and Northern California. The diversity and skill level of our members is as varied as our beautiful state. We have investigators who have worked their way into our profession through long hours of apprenticeship, study and careful attention to detail. Some of us, come from government service or law enforcement and have decided to start a new career. We all share one thing in common; if it wasn't for our mentors, we would not be where we are today as investigators. Our association is built on time honored practices and the knowledge that staying focused on member training, legislative engagement and political action will ensure that our members are the best trained and most respected private investigators in the world.

I have been a CALI member and private investigator for approximately 10 years, the majority of which I have been the Redding District Director and/or the Northern Director at Large. I am retired from a 28-year career in law enforcement, in which I have had assignments all across California from San Diego, the Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco and Redding. I am well accustomed to our state's diversity and the challenges that each area presents to our profession. I bring an even tempered and balanced approach to the complex problems that our association faces.

I am again seeking the position of Director at Large and pledge to continue my support of our CALI districts and the continued development of our association. I am asking for your vote of support for the position of Director at Large.

John Proveaux                                                                                                                                                                   
Northern CALI Director-at-Large

Dan Goldsmith for the position of Director-at-Large

I wanted to introduce myself to you CALI members, who do not know me.  I have been a licensed Investigator for over 22 years and have operated a successful private investigation business in Riverside.  I have been a member of CALI on and off since 1996.  I have served in several leadership positions with CALI, over multiple years.  I have served as Inland Empire District Governor, Inland Empire District Director, appointed to the CALI Board of Directors, as Director at Large, and elected as Vice President of Investigative Services.  While on the CALI Board of Directors, I have served as the List Serve Chairman.  Also, in 2008,  I was proud to be selected as the CALI Investigator of the Year.  So, I have a heart for our business, for representing our needs and keeping the integrity of our profession.  I want CALI to be a beacon for PI associations worldwide.

You may ask, why I applied to run for the CALI Board, again.  What I see is a need for grassroots leadership and transparency that represents the everyday working Private Investigator and Security Operator.  What I ask for is your confidence that electing me to the CALI Board as Director at Large, is having someone who represents everyone and not just themselves.  As in the past, I am fiscally responsible with Membership funds and try to give the best benefits back to you, the members.  This is your association!  I encourage all members to get involved.  If you can't or don't want to be actively involved, then make sure you vote in representatives that will carry your interests to the Board.