President's Message

January, 2017

At a time of much consternation within CALI’s leadership, I am honored that our Board of Directors has selected me to serve as President until elections are held in May.  Many questions exist regarding the method that changes have been made.  These changes have resulted from the examination of CALI’s activities by CALI’s corporate counsel and an independent third party.  The Board of Directors entrusted these outside evaluators to guide the Association in the handling of some very sensitive matters.

I am reminded of the division that exists throughout our country.  We the members of CALI and our private investigation/PPO industry are extremely diverse.  We offer services in many different areas; the criminal and civil courts, to corporations, to individuals, to insurance companies, to the public sector and much more.  We are diverse in background, culture, training, political beliefs and what we offer.

But we are one…the Private Investigator-Security industry, seeking the facts, securing the community and assisting our respective client(s) in making the right decision to solve the issues confronting them.

I am hopeful that we can work together to make our industry better, and more secure for the financial benefit of the private investigator and private patrol operator.  While we may not always agree, let’s agree to be respectful of our fellow members and our fellow licensed PIs & PPOs.  Together, let’s strive to fulfill CALI’s Mission:

•To advance the professions of licensed investigators and security professionals;
•To provide education and training to all licensed professionals; and
•To articulate and advocate the needs and interests of the professions before legislative, administrative, and judicial branches of government.

I look forward to the challenge of serving our membership.  CALI is active preparing our Leg Day in Sacramento and the Annual Conference in Reno.  Outstanding programs are planned at both.  I encourage your attendance at both as well as attending your local District meeting(s).  Share your thoughts regarding CALI and the industry with you District Director.  They are your voice to the Board of Directors.

I wish all of you a very prosperous and healthy 2017.  Hope to see you soon!

Robert Rice, President