President's Report - September 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013  

CALI has entered into an agreement with the next two largest PI associations in America, TALI and FALI, for a promotion we are calling The Big 3. If you are an active member of any of the Big 3 associations you can join the other two as an Associate Member for half price. That means you will now be listed in their directory as their Go-To PI in your city and have access to their listserve. So when the subject of an investigation leaves their native state to come and visit relatives in California, Texas and Florida, investigators will be looking for a California investigator here to continue surveillance on them. Visit The Big 3 for more information and to join the Texas and Florida PI associations.

We met with State Fund again in August and this time the temperature in the room got a little hotter. I pressed them on why progress on their end was so slow and why the issues that we had already agreed on had not been more effectively communicated to their vendor management companies. Several of our members were still being held to old guidelines and qualifications to participate in the vendor program that we had previously agreed to eliminate.

The most disappointing point of the meeting is when we were informed that, contrary to what SCIF had stated and agreed to in prior meetings, their legal department now mandates that sole proprietors will have to obtain Workers’ Compensation insurance, even if they do not currently have employees. The SCIF representatives we were speaking with were clearly uncomfortable delivering this news. They had already stated this would not be the case and they would inform their VMC’s. However, when it was presented to their legal department, it was changed due to other, non-PI contractors having used employees hired after securing a contract that did not have WC insurance. When a worker was injured; they pursued the employer’s client, State Fund. They stated that in every instance, State Fund lost and had to pay benefits, so all contractors are now required to have WC insurance, regardless of the service they provide and number of employees. I argued how utterly ridiculous it was to require insurance for something that a claim could not be filed against but they stated they would not be able to bend on the issue because of potential future liability.

Our meetings and discussions are ongoing and we have another scheduled for later this month. I will continue to keep you posted on our progress, in the meantime, please submit all examples of divergence by State Funds VMC’s from the MOU to Francie Koehler at so we can address them at our next meeting with SCIF.

We now offer for sale on the CALI web site, PI business forms that have been professionally crafted by attorney David Queen at a heavily discounted rate. These forms would cost an individual client thousands of dollars to hire an attorney to create and specifically address the laws as they apply to California PIs. The rate for a complete package of these forms is only $200 for active CALI members, with a portion of the proceeds going back to the association. Click here to learn more about and purchase the forms.

We also offer several free forms and templates on the CALI website on the Links and Resources page but this is just a compilation of forms that several PI members have submitted and have not necessarily been created or reviewed by an attorney.

Michael Julian, CPI PPS