2018-2019 CALI Board of Directors

President Anne Fields

[email protected]

Chairman of the Board TBD    
Vice President of
Investigative Services
Roberto Rivera, CPI [email protected]

Vice President of
Administrative Services
Anthony Hopkins, CPI [email protected] 707-318-8606
Treasurer  Chris Reynolds [email protected] 707-483-8761
Secretary Tawni Tyndall [email protected]  818-414-2059
Director at Large (thru 2018) John Proveaux [email protected] 530-549-4439
Director at Large Bradley Pfanner [email protected] 888-688-5314
Executive Director Jerry Packer [email protected] 949-715-5401
Central Coast Director Chad Ragan [email protected] 800-686-7193
East Bay Director      
Golden Valley Director Charles Jones [email protected] 209-652-6209
Inland Empire Director Don Lewis [email protected] 909-721-0964
South Bay/Long Beach Director      
Los Angeles Director Jay Rosenzweig [email protected] 818-704-9925
North Bay Director      
Orange Director

Cynthia Cavalie-Gonzalez

[email protected] 949-636-5545
Redding Director    
Sacramento Director

Frank W. Huntington, III, CPI

[email protected] 916-558-3100
San Diego Director
Richard Rivero, CPI
[email protected]
San Francisco Director Sean Walsh, CPI
[email protected]
San Joaquin South Director    
San Jose Director
Felipe Flores
[email protected]