The Professional Development Committee is announcing a change to the names of both NLITE and ELITE. The last E in both names previously stood for Enrichment.  We have decided to change that to Education as it more accurately represents one of our main goals, to advance the profession through EDUCATION.

Unfortunately, the Southern California NLITE event in Torrance, normally held in the month of October did not take place this year due to a number of conflicts concerning speakers, media publication and distribution and budget changes. The good news is that we have ironed out all of these issues and the March 2015 event has been scheduled in conjunction with LEG DAY as is customary and all speakers have been confirmed. Now in its fifth season the event is one a newly licensed investigator shouldn’t miss. This one-day course continues to be the most sought after "Investigator 101” training in our state and is being emulated across the nation by other private investigation associations.

I would like to give thanks to Jerry Packer and his crew in the Executive Director’s Office, the outstanding group of professionals involved as instructors of these events and the behind the scenes work of many which make each NLITE event happen. 

I am pleased to report that the last ELITE event was well received and is going to be held again in January 2015.  Dave Townsend of Townsend, Carden and Rose presented on “Digital Investigations: An Inside Look”. This event was geared toward the experienced investigator and incorporated a hands on learning segment where participants were able to work on their own laptops. This was a ONE on ONE, Meet the Expert type of event.

The next event on this topic which was designed with an “I can do this” approach and is scheduled for:

Date: Saturday, January 24, 2015
Time: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Location: Campbell Recreation and Community Center – 1 W. Campbell Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008
Host: San Jose District
Registration: Now Open

The event will include, lecture, hands-on sessions, interactive group sessions and skills that can be put to work the next day in the field or office.  

As a reminder, the Q4 Training, Education and Mentorship Program is also going to “LIFT OFF” in 2015 in design and implementation following a budget review and approval of the board.

I continue to gather experts to serve on the team to direct content and policy. This will be a one year development process and we expect to start advertising the program in June of the 2016-17 at the conference if funding is available and the Board approves the program and its budget needs.  Currently on the team we have agreements to participate and sign off on the program by a Chief of Police and a County Sheriff both to serve as the PRC - Programs Review Committee. We are also looking for more PRC members and would like to have a Criminal Court Judge, Civil Court Judge, District Attorney, POST Official and BSIS Official on the committee.

The Q4 Team which includes all CPIs desiring to be a part of the program and each member of the PRC will be working together for a better tomorrow in investigations in our State. Great things happen when great minds come together. At CALI in the educational development arena EXCITEMENT and ANTICIPATION are filling the air. GET INVOLVED!

Respectfully submitted by:
CW Sellers, Director of Professional Development and Education