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CALI Board of Directors

Anne Fields

Robert Rice
Immediate Past President

David Williams
VP of Security Services

Maki Kudaka, CPI
VP of Administrative Services

Roberto Rivera, CPI
VP of Investigative Services

Chris Reynolds

Oleg Flaksman, CPI

John Proveaux
Director at Large

Director at Large

Jerry Packer
Executive Director

Chad Ragan
Central Coast Director

Juan Sigler
East Bay Director

Bradley Pfanner
Golden Valley Director

Don Lewis
Inland Empire Director

Cary Cavalieri
South Bay-Long Beach Director

Ken Childs, CPI
Los Angeles Director

Anthony Hopkins, CPI
North Bay Director

Cynthia Cavalie-Gonzalez
Orange Director

Lee Wolfe
Redding Director

Frank Huntington, III, CPI
Sacramento Director

Rick Rivero, CPI
San Diego Director

Sean Walsh
San Francisco Director

Osiel Garza
San Joaquin South Director

Felipe Flores
San Jose Director

CALI District Governors

Ernie Romero
Centra Coast Governor

Tony Suggs
East Bay Governor

Amenoel Barfield
Golden Valley Governor

Don Lewis
Inland Empire Governor

Alfonso Lozano
Long Beach-South Bay Governor

Steve Collar
Los Angeles Governor

Mayra Mira
North Bay Governor

Cameron Jackson
Orange Governor

Edward Mussen
Redding Governor

Anna Stowe
Sacramento Governor

David Walker
San Diego Governor

Scott Filley, CPI
San Francisco Governor

Lance Davison
San Joaquin South Governor

Sandra Copas
San Jose Governor


Our goals remain as clear and strong as they were when CALI was formed in 1967:

To advance the professions of licensed investigators and security professionals;

To provide education and training to all licensed professionals; and

To articulate and advocate the needs and interests of the professions before legislative, administrative, and judicial branches of government.

Through quarterly conferences and seminars, publications, community programs, and advocacy on behalf of our profession, we honor our commitment to our colleagues and clients.


July 2017

I am truly honored to serve as the President of CALI for the 2017-2018 term. This year will be special because CALI celebrates is 50th Anniversary. This year represents my 30th year as a member in CALI.  Sean Walsh and Juan Sigler are two new District Directors joining the board this year. Sean Walsh is a Past President of CALI.

There is a Director at Large position (1 year term) that is vacant. The Elections Committee Chair, Frank Huntington, will be sending out an announcement that the position is vacant and the board would like to fill the position before the first board meeting. Anyone interested in serving CALI as a Director at Large should notify Mr. Huntington.

CALI's Mission:

  • To advance the professions of licensed investigators and security professionals;
  • To provide education and training to all licensed professionals; and
  • To articulate and advocate the needs and interests of the professions before legislative, administrative, and judicial branches of government.

This year CALI will continue to promote the Private Investigation profession, offer education and training programs and continue with our legislative efforts. I have established a Presidential Committee to explore reorganizing the CALI districts into regions. I have established a Presidential Committee to work on special projects for our 50th Anniversary Celebration to be held in June 2018 in Long Beach, Ca.

CALI's finances are stable even with the loss of the money that we received previously from the State Fund Program. I will work with the newly elected Treasurer and the Budget Committee to work on reducing costs while maintaining the benefits we provide to our members.

CALI had a wonderful conference at the Peppermill in Reno. This year's conference will be extra special as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary. Chad Ragan and Roberto Rivera with co-chair the conference committee this year. I expect them to have an excellent program for the conference in Long Beach.

The Board has decided to do a 90 day trial of a moderated list-serve. It is not the intention of the board to censor anyone or to forward referrals to a select few. All referral requests will go to the entire list-serve as they have done in the past.

Emails that are not in accordance with the list-serve rules will be cancelled and the author will be so informed. Any email that violates the rules will be returned. The current list-serve rules will remain in effect. Email signature lines must include the following:

Member Name & Company
Phone Number
Email Address
License Number

Repeat violations and lack of professionalism are some of the reasons why CALI is trying a moderated list-serve. Please be considerate that CALI is trying something new with the list-serve. I know that some members do not like this change. I ask you to keep and open mind and see how it works during the 90 day trial period.   

The first CALI board meeting for the 2017-2018 term will be held in San Jose, CA on August 26 (location to be determined, but will be added to the CALI Website soon). I encourage CALI members to attend the board meetings. The members are the strength of CALI. We are working to keep newsletters coming to CALI members six times a year to keep members informed and CALI transparent. I do not have hidden agendas, am open-minded, and always act in what I believe to be in the best interest of CALI. I want to encourage all members to get involved and participate to ensure CALI as an association of excellence.


It has been a pleasure to have served as CALI's President for these past five months.¿  I really enjoyed visiting some of our districts and meeting our members.  Thank you to the many conference attendees that expressed their appreciation for my leadership.

And what a great conference we had.  A big thanks to Chad Regan and the conference committee for the outstanding program we experienced.  Congratulations to our award winners:

Frank Huntington, III, CPI, Distinguished Achievement Award

Oleg Flaksman, CPI, Investigator of the Year
Maki Kudaka, CPI, recipient of the President's Award
Juan Sigler, Governor of the Year
Joan O'Hare, recipient of the David D. Queen Achievement Award

Next year we will be in Long Beach, celebrating CALI's 50th anniversary!

There are so many more important things in life than CALI.  But we have some very passionate volunteers striving to uphold their CALI oath and working to make this Association a world leader.  I strongly encourage members to be involved and voice your interests.

CALI, like everything in life, is not perfect, but we are adamant about promoting the best for the investigative industry.  I would like each CALI member to set as a goal this upcoming year to bring one new PI member to the association.  By doing so, CALI could do even more for our industry nation wide.

The best to all of you and your families going forward.


On June 8, 2017 Mr. Frank W. Huntington III was honored as the 20th recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Award, "DAA."  The DAA is the highest honor bestowed upon a CALI member, dating back to 1990, when Mr. John Eppick received the first award.  The DAA is given only when a three member panel unanimously selects a candidate. The panelists do not know each other and never speak during the process. It is a difficult task and the award is not given annually.

The criteria for the winning the award include:
Length of continuous membership in CALI
Contributions to CALI and the industry
Leadership skills and their results
Demonstrated ability to work with others
Participation in training and education
Sustained support of CALI
Frank was raised in Marin County and attended Marin Catholic High School. After studying at the College of Marin, Frank transferred to Cal State, Sacramento and received his degree. Frank was a graduate of the Sacramento Police Department Academy in 1988. Frank received his Private Investigator license in 1992 and he has a well established Firm in Sacramento, CA.

Frank's career began working for the Wilcox Company before he started his own business. He is a Certified Professional Investigator and was the recipient of the Legislative Excellence Award (2015), the President's Award (2013). In the past Frank also won the Bernard Bennett Memorial Award and the Criminal Justice Academia Award.

Frank is the current Director for the Sacramento District and has served as the Chair of the CALI Board of Directors for the past seven years. In addition to his countless hours managing our Board, he also chairs the Legislative Day Committee, and the Elections Committee.

Frank is most active on the Government Affairs Committee, making appearances in Sacramento, with almost no notice, to speak for or against bills involving CALI. Frank is a strong second amendment advocate and he works tirelessly to expand the rights of investigators to carry weapons. Each year Frank presents to the Board of Directors on ethics and best practices, as well as fiduciary duties.  Frank has given numerous presentations at our annual conferences, generously sharing the secrets to managing a complex investigation practice.

Frank is a man of deep faith, strong commitments and a loyal friend. His dedication to CALI and our profession goes beyond awards and speeches. Frank does the hard work every day, speaking to members, resolving problems and adding oil to keep the CALI engine running smoothly. Frank is a fantastic addition to the Distinguished Award group. Congratulations on behalf of CALI and its members.

Chris Reynolds, 2014 DAA Recipient


On Saturday, June 10, 2017, during the California Association of Licensed Investigators' Annual Conference President's Dinner held in Reno, Nevada, CALI, the largest private investigator's association in the United States awarded Oleg Flaksman of O&O Investigations, Inc. in Los Angeles, California the Investigator Of The Year Award. This award is one of the three highest awards presented to a member by the Association. Mr. Flaksman is the 36th recipient of the award since its inception in 1981. This is not an annually presented award.
Mr. Flaksman was selected from a group of three nominees as an investigator who has displayed outstanding professional achievement, has made a special contribution to the profession of investigations and has performed an exceptional service to the public he serves.

Mr. Flaksman has served the California Association of Licensed Investigators as a District Director, Board Member and Committee Chair for the past six years.  

Mr. Flaksman is the owner of the popular O&O Investigations, Inc. Los Angeles, California. The agency specializes in the expertise of Surveillance, Background Investigations, Locating Individuals, Social Media Forensics, Asset Investigations and Unmanned [Drone] Surveillance. For more information about O&O Investigations, Inc please view the company website at http://www.oinvestigations.com.

CW Sellers, Committee Chair
Francie Kohler, Committee Member
Jean Kyles, Committee Member
Felipe Flores, Committee Member

VP of Administrative Services Report 


WE certainly are!!  Hello CALI Members!  For those of you who I have not had the pleasure to meet yet, my name is Maki Kudaka, and I am thrilled and extremely proud to serve as your Vice President of Administrative Services for the second term.  I look forward to working with you, Leadership, Executive Director and the CALI Staff to continue our efforts in enhancing the quality of the greatest Association in the world.  CALI's solid accomplishments for almost 50 years portray why our Association continues to be recognized as the National Leader in our industry!!!        

Flashback Thursday by Maki¿

CALI Annual Conference, Reno, June 2017
We had another successful conference in Reno last month.  The speakers were top-notch - one of the best in the industry.  They were knowledgeable, engaging, and course material invaluable.  On behalf of CALI, special thank you to our speakers:


Cameron Jackson, CPI  *  Donald Noel  *  Michael Julian, CPI
Oleg Flaksman, CFE, CPI  *  Sp.Ag. Frederick Bradford  *  Dr. Mary Ann Boyle
David Queen, Esq.  *  Kelly Riddle  *  Mike Dores
Ashley Silvefr, Esp.  *  Tim O'Rourke  *  Kimberly Gin
Frank Huntington, CPI  *  Chris Reynolds, CPI   *  Mark Gillespie

Also a special thank you to all of our Sponsors and Exhibitors!  We appreciate your continuous support and generosity!


El Dorado Insurance Agency, Inc., Platinum Sponsor
Thomas Reuters, Westlaw Court Express, Gold Sponsor
AMIS/Alliance Marketing & Insurance Services, Silver Sponsor
Costanza Insurance Agency, Bronze Sponsor
Research Electronics International (REI), Annual Sponsor
Sargeant Insurance Agency, LLC, Annual Sponsor
Trackops, LLC, Annual Sponsor

Digital Investigation.com
J.T. Palmer & Associates, LLC
Logan Registration
PI Direct Link
Private Investigation Services in Mexico

The Big Three
Tracers Information Specialists, Inc.
World Association of Detectives


Robert Rice, Immediate Past President
Deborah Allen, CALI Member


Ame Barfield, CPI
Dave Walker, CPI
Gina Mattson, CPI


Mr. Frank W.Huntington, III, CPI, DAA

Oleg Flaksman, CFE, CPI

Maki Kudaka, CPI

Juan Sigler


Newsflash Year in Forecast by Maki¿

 "Anne for President!"
The first female President since I have been a member of CALI... Pretty amazing and inspirational --GO ANNE! President Fields is prepped, pumped, ready to lead... (But wait, she HAS been ready for MONTHS!)  She's driven, focused, ready to GET THINGS DONE!!  If you thought she was tough as a Treasurer...  
Maki's forecast:  President Fields will do an AMAZING job!  Let's all give her our support!

Pay It Forward District Forum¿
Since the inception of the monthly Pay It Forward District Forums¿ in August of 2016, your DLs - District Leaders - have dedicated additional volunteer hours on top of their regular volunteer hours.  We train, learn, share ideas, ask questions, and collaborate on ways to better serve you, and to enhance the quality of your Districts.
Maki's forecast:  Come see what everyone is talking about... Check out all the 'haps today!!

Tour de CALI¿
As your VP of Admin, I look forward to meeting you during my Tour de CALI¿ statewide traveling event.   Maki's forecast:  Possibly a road trip with no limit on suitcases??

Let's all have a fantastic year!  Thank you for being a valued CALI member.

Sincerely, ¿
Mak Kudaka, CPI
Vice President of Administrative Services


The committee has been quite active this year as the Legislature continues the first year of the 2017-2018 legislative session. As of this point, most measures are now being considered in the policy committees in the second house of the legislature.

A full report was given to the CALI members at the 2017 Annual Conference in Reno.  Topics included:

  • California's political context
  • CALI-sponsored legislation to continue the authorization for licensed PIs to be organized as LLCs
  • CALI's support of the shall-carry legislation introduced this year
  • CALI's support of legislation providing veterans with an exception from licensure fees for their initial licenses
  • CALI's opposition to legislation proposing a new tax on services
  • Legislation that will propose to revise the levels of the license fees paid by other professions licensed by BSIS
  • Legislation proposing to reform the current bail system
  • Legislation proposing revision to the Department of Consumer Affairs, and reforms of the state regulatory process
  • Recently-enacted legislation increasing motor vehicle fuel taxes
  • The presentation is posted in the Members-only section of the website.

In addition, a comprehensive legislative report of the hundreds of measures CALI has identified and is tracking is posted in the Members-only section of the website.

Save the date - CALI's 2018 Legislative Day - Monday, March 12, 2018


Frank W. Huntington, III, CPI, Chair

The officers elected for the 2017-2018 are as follows:

President: Anne Fields
VP Administrative Services: Maki Kaduka, CPI
VP Security Services: David Williams*
VP Investigative Services: Roberto Rivera, CPI
Treasurer: Chris Reynolds
Secretary: Oleg Flaskman, CPI
DAL (two-year term): John Proveaux

As Elections Chair, I am pleased to announce the elected officers for the 2017-2018 CALI Board of Directors.  With the election of Mr. Rivera to the VP position, there is now an open DAL position (remaining one year term). 


Maki Kudaka, CPI

CALI's Membership Committee consists of six Committee Members:

Maki Kudaka, CPI, Chair, VP of Administrative Services
Chris Reynolds, CPI, Immediate Past President
Cary Cavalieri, SB/LB District Director
Cynthia Cavalie, OC District Asst. Governor
Mayra Mira, North Bay District Governor
Ken Childs, CPI, LA District Director

Dear CALI Members and Board of Directors:

It is great to be back as your Membership Committee Chair and get back to business!  Our membership is still slightly short of 1,200 members. CALI's Membership Drive is truly a collaborative effort by all 14 Districts, CALI Officers, Directors at Large, the Executive Director and the amazing Staff! We are all working together as a team to recruit qualified new members to build a larger network of professionals in the industry.  

Our membership committee will be meeting within the next few weeks to discuss ideas, strategies and formulate a plan.  We do have one agenda item in place, which is to attend the PORAC Annual Conference in San Diego this November as a vendor.  After preliminary research, this association is ideal to recruit new members, as they are the association of peace officers, many of whom are retired or have retired, looking into other opportunities.
¿We will also be looking into other related-field associations to call on to attend their local meetings and invite them to CALI events.  

One important aspect when recruiting new members as well as sustaining existing members is quite simple, yet often overlooked.  So please bare with me as I share this with you again.  The CALI Staff outlined this perfectly on our website under Membership Benefits with the title,


We join for all different reasons.  Discounts, prestige, legislation, networking, education and training... I encourage you to refresh your memories by reviewing the numerous value added benefits CALI brings.  Here are Maki's infamous Top 10 List:

Maki's Top 10 Reasons to Join CALI:  Value Added

10. DISCOUNTS:  Special member discounts on products and services;
9. RESOURCES:  FREE electronic newsletter AND have access to FREE PI forms and templates;
8. LEGAL FORMS:  Discounted price for PI business forms by Attorney David Queen;
7. LEG DAY:  Receive FREE registration to CALI's Legislative Day in Sacramento;
6. GET INVOLVED!:  Participate and have your voices heard.  Run for local office within Districts, or statewide position to represent CALI;
5. GET CONNECTED:  Be a part of 14 CALI Districts in CA and its quarterly local meetings for educational and networking opportunities and to build professional relationships with your local District Leaders;   
4. LISTSERVE:  Have access to the most active PI listserve in CA for case assignments, referrals, updates in the industry, questions of the day, etc. on a daily basis;
3. QUALITY EDUCATION AND TRAINING BY INDUSTRY'S BEST!: CALI's Annual Conference, NLITE (Newly Licensed Investigator Training and Education), ELITE (Experienced Licensed Investigator Training and Education), professional certification for CPI (Certified Professional Investigator) and CSP (Certified Security Personnel); and District Meetings;
2. CALI FIGHTS FOR YOU!:  Have a full-time lobbyist in Sacramento and CALI Governmental Affairs Committee who work hard to regulate legislation that protects our rights as PIs.
... and the number 1 reason to join CALI...
1. THE MEMBERS!!:  Take the opportunity to meet and network with top professionals in the industry.  The quality of education, networking and building professional, long-lasting relationships with qualified, highly-skilled professional investigators as mentors, colleagues, and friends!    

Maki Kudaka, CPI
VP of Administrative Services
Chair, CALI Membership Committee
End of Report

1. Membership is not mandatory to attend any CALI events.  All are encouraged and welcome to attend.
2. See eligibility requirement for membership


Bradley Pfanner, District Director

As stated in the first quarterly newsletter for the 2017 Fiscal Year, our goal was to double the district's account balance by the end of that fiscal year. It is with great pleasure to inform you that we have far exceeded that goal and have nearly tripled the Golden Valley District's account balance. We have been able to show a steady profit from the district meetings and raffle ticket sales, since the beginning of the 2017 Fiscal Year, and feel that profits will only continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

On May 31, 2017, the Golden Valley District held its final district meeting for the 2017 Fiscal Year. We were joined by Government Affairs Committee Chair, Francie Koehler, who was able to present to the members regarding current legislation affecting private investigators. The meeting was held at Mimi's Café, in Modesto, and was a success in that our attendance remained on par, a slight profit was made, and the members were kept apprised of what CALI does for them on a daily basis. Although I was not in attendance, due to illness, the meeting went as smooth as planned due to the hard work of our Golden Valley District Governor, Amenoel Barfield.

If there is one thing we have learned from the 2017 Fiscal Year, it is that extended days of advanced training are both popular and successful ways to benefit the membership, as well as generate income for the districts. We have been in talks with Oleg Flaksman and Ashley Silver, of O&O Investigations, Inc., to hold a Social Media Investigations course this fall. Area attorneys will be invited to this 4 hour day of training and will be offered MCLE credits. We project this will be the most financially successful district meeting since the starts of my and the District Governor's terms in leadership. It will also be an excellent event for networking between area investigators and attorneys.

In conclusion, the future of the Golden Valley District continues to be bright. We expect that the district will soon be able to exceed expectations in giving back to the Association.


Cary Cavalieri

On Saturday morning, May 6, 2016, Surveillance Expert (based on those who know him) gave an in-depth class on Surveillance Operations.    The South Bay/Long Beach (SB/LB) Meeting/Class was held at the Peris Restaurant in Hawaiian Gardens.  The four hour class gave attendees important details that included:

  • Outfitting your vehicle for maximum effectiveness;
  • Choosing a suitable platform;
  • Choosing the best video cameras based on real world criteria,
  • Traits of an effective surveillance operative;
  • Problems you are likely to encounter in the field and how to deal with them;
  • Processing you video, not only for the date/time stamp but also for best serving your client's needs;
  • Marketing tips on service added features, such as unstaffed/remote video surveillance;

Once again, Mr. Flaksman donated his time and expertise to provide the high level of training the South Bay/ Long Beach District strives to provide for CALI members in and outside of the District. 

It is because of his generosity and goal of helping the profession to move forward that Mr. Flaksman was nominated and selected as the CALI 2017 Investigator of the Year!  Congratulations Oleg!

The SB/LB District will be working with several other adjacent Districts for our annual Summer Bash.  Details are being worked out but we will strive to provide members a combination of summer fun, networking and to communicate with CALI leaders as to what you would like to see CALI do in the future.  Please watch the list serve for updated details to be announced!


Rick Rivero, San Diego District Director and  Dave Walker, San Diego District Governor

At the San Diego district Election meeting, approximately 26 members were in attendance. 2 new members signed up for the conference and despite negative outside influences, Richard Rivero was again elected for his 5th term as District Director with 100% tally. Dave Walker was elected to his 3rd term as San Diego District Governor with 100% tally. Our guest speaker was Dave Walker who spoke about upcoming changes and new policies with BSIS. Also in attendance was Allison Vaughn from Alpha GPS who presented a new type of GPS device that holds a 9 month battery device and offered a meeting and CALI price to CALI members. The San Diego District has had a very successful year and Rick Rivero and Dave Walker (San Diego District Governor) have exciting plans for the new year.


Jared Rowe, Outgoing San Francisco District Director

As the CALI fiscal year comes to a close and a new one opens; I cannot help but look back at the 12 years I have been a member. I admire how much I have learned not only about conducting all sorts of investigation outside my specialty in the public sector, but how to organize professional educational events in the big city, lobby in Sacramento with elected officials, and even the details involved with running a non-profit professional association.

For four years I was proud to call myself the Governor of the San Francisco District of the largest professional organization of PIs around. I was also proud to sit on the Board of Directors for three of those years.

I want to thank CALI for affording me these learning opportunities. I may not have made money off of cases from the listserve as I had planned to when I opened a PI business in San Francisco before getting my current job, but I am now happy I paid the tuition and attended the University of CALI.

The latest news from our district, in case you missed it at the last SF meeting is that Sean Walsh will be taking over as the San Francisco District Director. I will not be serving as a Governor and I don't believe the position has been formally filled. Considering Sean is a former President of the organization, I'm confident he will fill the position well.

Thank you.


Sandy Copas, District Governor

Teambuilding! Doing Business with People You Like!

We know how bright, talented, creative, resourceful and determined our members can be so what better way to put all these unique talents to use than to have our group work together as a team?

This year, the San Jose District is going to focus and improve our team building skills. With events like Escape Rooms, Camping/Bullets & BBQ, Christmas in the Park, and hopefully Murder Mystery Dinners and the Spy Game, our members will come together and work towards a common goal, all while having fun because one of the first things I learned in consulting was that people like to do business with people they like. We'd like to make this a network opportunity as well by inviting people from other associations to participate such as the Silicon Valley Bar Association and the National Assoc. of Professional Process Servers.  By working together, we'll be creating new relationships with new clients and grow our business all while having fun!

Election Results

District Director: Phil Flores
District Governor: Sandy Copas
Special Committee Directors
Treasurer: Esther Flores
Sergeant at Arms: Phil Flores
Photographer: Jim Glancey
Bullets & BBQ Chair: Jim Glancey
Xmas in the Park Chair: Tori Carrillo
Special Advisor: Anne Fields
Special Advisor: Roberto Rivera
Special Advisor: Frank Daley

Thanks again for your support! Phil and I, along with the rest of our board are working on bring you an interesting year.  If you'd like to help plan some of these events or would like to get involved with forming our district, please let me know!  I could really use some help with sending our short summarizes of our meetings to let you know what we've done and what to look forward to.  Anyone?! Anyone?!

District Meetings

Getting together having a meal and listening to a presentation is great for learning new skills and we will continue to have those types of meetings in addition to the teambuilding meetings.  I'll be sending emails once we firm everything up and I'll be posting these updates in several places.

Thanks to an idea by one of our members, Joseph Kral, we're going to be adding a little segment called "Quick Tips" to our meetings.  This will be a 5-10 minute segment where we share quick tips to help with our business and investigations.  Tips like, where to find free webhosting and ftp sites, writing reports easily, personalized email address on the cheap, are just a few.  If you have any quick tips, please send them to me and I'll start compiling them for us!

We offer continuing professional education credits for all our meetings for those of you who need the credits.  Please make sure you "Like" our San Jose District Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/SJCALI/  or check or check my personal CALI profile page for updates.


Currently we have 75 District members in the following counties.

48 Santa Clara
8 Santa Cruz
5 San Mateo
4 San Benito
3 Alameda
2 Merced
2 Monterey
1 Contra Costa
1 Mendocino
1 Stanislaus

Because of this we will be holding most of our events in the Santa Clara area. As our membership increases in other counties, we'll resume having meetings in those areas as well.

By now, you should be using the new CALI Listserve from the CALI website.  If you haven't been receiving the emails, would like them to stop, or can't access your profile, please let me or any of our board members know.

Thanks to all of you who helped make this past year the success that it was!  I look forward to seeing you at future meetings. 


Thank you, Renee Cervo, for stepping in to chair and run CALI's social media platforms. Special thanks to Jay Rosenzweig, who has been tweeting on behalf of CALI as well!

Follow, friend, and like CALI!



CALI's Private Investigator Test Prep Course
Interviewing Skills for Managers: Conducting an Interview
Successful Hiring
Quickbooks 2011
Business Communications Fundamentals
Better Business Writing
Successful Negotiation
WORD 2013 (Bundle)
Outlook 2013 (Bundle)
Excel 2013 - 5 Course Bundle
Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers
Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employee

Click here for more information or to register!

CALI's 2018 Annual Conference will be held June 7-9, 2018 at the beautiful Hilton Long Beach in Long Beach, California. The California Association of Licensed Investigators, the largest private investigator association in the world, is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018!

Stay tuned for more information about this special celebration!



Leaning forward during phone use may cause 'text neck'
by Carolyn Crist

Prosecuted by her legal counterpart: 'It destroyed my life in so many ways'

Investigators Share Which Databases They Prefer to Use
by Kimberly Faber


The following is a cold case submitted by Pat Keller, Retired Sergeant with the Sacramento Police Department:


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