October 2020

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  1. President's Message
  2. Government Affairs
  3. Disaster Relief Fund
  4. Treasurer's Report
  5. Sacramento District
  6. VP of Admin Services
  7. CPI Program
  8. NLITE
  9. New Members
  10. Upcoming Events
  11. Member Spotlight
  12. FALI
  13. New Member Benefit

President's Message

On Friday September 18, 2020 the CALI Board of Directors, in an emergency "virtual" board meeting requested by Secretary Frank Huntington III in accordance with CALI's By-laws, voted that: "Any CALI District may hold an in-person district meeting as long as they follow the state and their local government COVID Guidelines, said compliance to be assured by the Vice-President of Administrative Services." Mr. Huntington called for the board meeting and made this motion as his Sacramento District had scheduled an in-person meeting for Saturday, September 19, 2020. Prior to that scheduled district meeting, all CALI activities have been held remotely due to COVID-19 since March 2020.  Continue reading here...

CALI Government Affairs Committee Update

By CALI GAC Chair Francie Koehler and CALI Advocate Jerry Desmond

With the end of action on September 30 for thousands of measures considered during the 2019 - 2020 legislative session, we have the final outcomes on the measures in which CALI has been engaged on behalf of our members. Here is the update.

COVID-19 Pandemic & Adjustments
in the State Capitol

The State Legislature returned this summer after a three-week hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic with new processes to protect legislators, their staffs, and the public as it endeavored to function in a manner that provided the public with the opportunity to engage in accordance with constitutional and statutory requirements. Modifications to normal procedures included:

Enhanced security precautions – temperature checks and checklists upon entry into the building.

Safe distancing – a prohibition on negotiation meetings in the buildings, plus committee meetings reformatted to spread out legislators, the addition of protective barriers in hearing rooms, together with constant cleaning, and a significant reduction in the number of individuals allowed to attend and testify.

Remote participation – via a new, monitored call-in opportunity to ensure public participation.

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California Association of Licensed Investigators Political Action Committee

Your donations allow CALI-PAC to directly contribute to legislators or candidates for the CA State Legislature. CALI sends investigators from all over the state to events in support of candidates or currently elected officials. These face to face encounters is extremely helpful when the time comes for CALI to influence legislation. The private investigator exemption from "AB 5" is a perfect example of that influence. Legislators do their best to represent the interests of their constituents, particularly those in which they have had some interaction.

Your contribution to CALI PAC will enable our association to continue to have a voice in the legislative process. The entire profession benefits from the efforts of CALI.

Click here to learn about the CALI PAC.

Vice President of Administrative Services

By Lee Wolfe, CPI, CPFI

Its been a great first couple of months as the Vice President of Administrative Services. I have been working closely with the District Governors and Directors in helping them plan their meetings and setting up the CALI Events Calendar. I have to say that CALI has excellent District Leaders who care deeply about the members of this association and you should all be immensely proud to have them serving on your behalf while they plan for the future of CALI and every Private Investigator in California.

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Thank you for your Service to CALI and the PI Profession!

A special thank you to Anthony Hopkins, CPI, for his years of service as CALI's Vice President of Administrative Services from 2018-2020.

Certified Professional Investigator Program

In light of the reduction of in-person District meetings, and postponement of the 2020 Annual Conference, the CALI Board of Directors has authorized the CPI Chair to waive all Education Credit requirements for CPI's and CSP's renewing their certification in 2020. At this time, renewal credits will still need to be presented for professional certifications expiring in 2021.

Any questions regarding applications or renewals for CPI/CSP certification should be directed to CPI/CSP Committee Chairperson Anthony Hopkins at [email protected] or to Vice President of Administrative Services Lee Wolfe at [email protected]

Note: The CPI examination planned for the 2020 Annual Conference had to be postponed. CALI is working on offering an on-line CPI examination. Details will be posted on the CALI website, once an on-line examination is available. A CPI examination is also planned at the 2021 Annual Conference.

Anthony Hopkins, CPI
CPI/CSP Committee Chairperson

Welcome New Members!
August 2020 - September 2020

Central Coast District

Mark Englander

Golden Valley District
Cody Talbot

Inland Empire District
Gilbert Lopez
Alison Peacock
Ricardo Rodriguez
Michael Tyus

Los Angeles District
Matthew Albee
Joe Delia
James Johnson
Ivan Merida
Jerry Pearman
Brian Weller
Eduardo Zaines

North Bay District
David House

Orange District
Reggie Ellis
Robert Lara
Ivan Swanson

San Diego District
Jacqueline Hudspeth
Katherine Murg
Gabriel Ramirez

San Francisco District
David Oberhoffer

San Joaquin South District
Justin Fleeman

Out of State
James Bearden (Texas)
Michael Depew (Texas)
Bradley Smith (Texas)
Catherine Torrez (Texas)
Eric Velez-Villar (Arizona)

View a list of new CALI members here

Member Spotlight

Paul Mason (SI, CI, SIU, IM) - Mr. Mason has worked for G4S Compliance and Investigations since 2013, in addition to owning AAA Pinnacle Peak Investigations.

He brings thirty-four years of claims investigations services to the position. Mr. Mason is a Qualified Investigations Manager, handling claims and SIU matters in addition to coaching members of his team and training other investigators. An expert surveillance investigator, he has worked in six states and is independently licensed in California and Colorado. Mr. Mason's experience covers a broad range of expertise, from minor fender benders, to slip and falls, to auto fatalities, to complex worker's compensation matters, to complex property damage claims.

Mr. Mason is also conversant with all aspects of the civil process, having appeared at depositions, mediations, arbitrations, and small claims hearings, in addition, to monitoring full trials.

Recently, Mr. Mason was appointed Assistant Governor to the Inland Empire chapter of CALI. He also reads, writes, and speaks Spanish fluently.

CALI Member Plaque

It's time for another CALI Member Plaque Bulk Order!

CALI members in good standing may purchase a member plaque indicating they are Active Members in good standing with the association.

These plaques are 8 by 10 inches and feature a dark cherry finish with a laser engraved metal plate. Each plaque is individually engraved with the member's name and the year they joined CALI.

The cost is $30.00 (this includes a shipping fee) and it will be shipped directly to you.

Click here to order your plaque!

CALI is offering an updated and newly designed ONLINE Private Investigator Preparation course to prepare qualified candidates for the State of California PI License Test. The preparation course was designed by a committee of licensed investigators. Click here to learn more...

New Member Benefit

Telemedicine: Rethinking Healthcare

CALI has partnered with Legacy Purchasing Group, giving you access to products and solutions at enterprise level pricing and service. As a CALI member, you can take advantage of these programs with national vendors at no extra cost or obligation.

Telemedicine with NuWin Care is a great way to lower your healthcare costs for you and your employees. Even if you already have health benefits, this is a program to consider for you, your family, and employees.

  • $7.50 per month (covers entire household)
  • $0 co-pay, no limits
  • Doctors available 24-7-365
  • Prescriptions sent instantly to your pharmacy

CALI Members: Be sure to check your email next week for more details and how to enroll in the Telehealth program.

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CALI's Annual Conference

June 10-12, 2021 in Palm Springs, CA

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Stay connected with us!

CALI Disaster Relief Fund

CALI is thinking of everyone being affected by the recent wildfires ravaging California.

Members, please contact your CALI District Leaders or Executive Director if you or any CALI member you know suffered a loss due to the fires.

We have activated the CALI Disaster Relief Fund to help our members who have suffered a catastrophic loss due to the wildfires. The CALI Disaster Relief Fund is available thanks to the generous donations made by your fellow PI members.

We want to thank our members who donated to the CALI Disaster Relief Fund. Their contribution will help provide financial assistance to our members who have suffered a loss due to the wildfires.

Thank You for your generosity!

Robert Beresford
James Franchetti
Justin Hodson
Frank Huntington, III
Chris Reynolds
Robert Rice
Mason Washington
Lee Wolfe

If you would like to donate to the CALI Disaster Relief Fund click here. 100% of the donations will benefit CALI member disaster victims.

Treasurer's Report

By Chris Reynolds

Welcome to October! CALI just completed the first quarter of its 2020-21 fiscal year. The budget for the year was planned with some modifications due to COVID-19. CALI was very fortunate to be able to keep our hotel for the 2021 Conference in Palm Springs, CA with some great incentives tossed in for the members!

The fiscal first-quarter held no surprises, with members facing the challenges of working in a COVID environment. Adjustments were made to offer members more payment options to help reduce the burden. Members can extend their due date by 60 days if they have a hardship or just need some extra time.

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Sacramento District

By Frank W. Huntington, III

Shout out to Sacramento's new Governor Rick Manzanares and new Director Anna Stowe. On September 19th Rick held the district's first meeting of the year, a "Meet and Greet" at the Marriott Courtyard in Sacramento. Rick negotiated a fantastic deal with the property for this wonderful breakfast meeting.

Rick had the full agenda laid out as well as something different, "Ice Breaker" questions that he asked each attendee to answer a few of, such as "What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?" and "What totally rad expression did you overuse in high school?" The ice was indeed broken! It should also be noted that, in accordance with CALI policy, this meeting was held in compliance with all local COVID guidelines including social distancing and the use of face masks.

Shout out to Director Anna Stowe as well for her enthusiastic support of Rick and the district. Anna is a great addition to the CALI Board.

Save the Date! CALI's 2021 Legislative Day is scheduled for Monday, March 8.

If you have never attended a Leg Day, please ask someone who has. They will no doubt convince you that it is well worth your time, and as always, extremely beneficial to our association and industry.

I want to personally thank my fellow CALI members for electing me Secretary of this great association. CALI strives to be transparent and open to our members, and, toward that end, my goal this year is to have all Board minutes posted to the CALI website as soon as possible (The minutes for the first meeting of the year, held on August 22, can be viewed here). I will also be working with other members to see that all past meeting minutes are easily accessible as well.

Again, thank you for your support of CALI! If you have any questions or concerns about Leg Day or the Secretary position, please contact me at [email protected].

Frank W. Huntington, III
CALI Secretary

Newly Licensed Investigator Training & Education (NLITE)

NLITE will be presented Online via Zoom
Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Newly Licensed Investigator Training & Education (NLITE) is an introductory course that is the foundation of CALI's Professional Development Program. The course covers the basics that every new licensee needs to know to begin a career as a Private Investigator in the State of California.

NLITE provides an overview of the profession, the must-haves when starting and operating a business, the laws that new PI's must be familiar with, ethical issues, and professional responsibilities. Each attendee will leave with the practical knowledge and tools needed to be a successful Private Investigator and business owner.

NLITE is normally held twice each year (Northern and Southern California). Due to COVID, CALI has streamlined the presentation to work more efficiently as an online program.


Frank Huntington, III, CPI - CALI Secretary and Past CALI Chairman of the Board

Francie Koehler, CPI, CLI, CCDI - CALI Government Affairs Committee Chair

Chris Reynolds - CALI Treasurer and CALI Past President

Renee A. Cervo - Newly Licensed Investigator Training And Education Committee Chair

NLITE is an introductory program for newly licensed investigators with less than two years' experience but all CALI members and nonmembers are welcome to attend. 

There is no charge to register for NLITE.

Upcoming Events

For a limited time, CALI webinars are available at no cost to non-members. In addition to our webinars, join and network with your PI colleagues during CALI's District Meetings.

LinkedIn for PI's Webinar
October 8, 2020 - 12:00 p.m.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to strengthen your LinkedIn profile and the best practices to get the most out of the site as a professional.

Speaker: Sid Clark is an Independent LikedIn® Coach and Trainer.

How to Grow Your Business Webinar
October 22, 2020 - 2:00 p.m.

"How to Grow Your PI Business" presentation will cover the when and how to grow your PI business. The course will also cover analyzing your business metrics. In addition, we will lightly touch on marketing and leadership strategies.

Speaker: Cameron Jackson, CPI, owns and operates C. Jackson Investigations, Inc.

Click here to view the upcoming meetings and to register.

Thank you to our past webinar sponsors!

Support from our sponsors & advertisers helps fund CALI programs, events, and member services.

The Big 3 Membership Program

News from FALI
by Amy O'Rourke, Executive Director
Florida Association of Licensed Investigators

FALI is proud to be part of the "Big 3" partnership which started in 2013 when the presidents of FALI, CALI and TALI came together to offer their memberships an incredible benefit. Every member within each association could join the other two associations, as out-of-state members, for half of the standard dues. This gave every Big 3 member access to a network of over 3,000 private investigators and agencies with which to do business. Since that time the partnership has flourished as members have taken advantage of the benefit.

Under normal times, the current president of each association, or their representative, attends the other two association Conferences to support one another's associations as well as promote the Big 3.

During these crazy times, we have all had to make changes to ensure our membership continues to receive the benefits for which they signed up. Back in March, which seems like a lifetime ago, the FALI Board held an emergency meeting during which they canceled the 2020 Conference. They also discussed holding the April area meetings, as well as the annual FALI membership meeting, via Zoom, just until this thing passed. As we all know by April this "thing" wasn't passing as quickly as hoped, so they decided to add a monthly training module as well as continue Area meetings.

Over the last 6 months, there has been tweaking of the Zoom meeting schedule to best meet the needs of our members but from the first meeting to the most recent, attendance has been phenomenal. We are reaching members, both in-state and out of state, who in the past were not able to attend meetings.

All events, and registration information, are on the calendar on the FALI website located at www.fali.org. Big 3 Membership in FALI is ONLY $50 a year. All FALI members may attend all of our meetings, and trainings, free of charge. Non-members are welcome to attend one Area Group Meeting as a guest. Then they would have to join to continue attending.

Click here to continue reading...

National Council of Investigation
& Security Services (NCISS)

NCISS MEETINGS (virtual / members only)
Oct 8th 1:00pm EST – Mid-Term Meeting (1 of 2)
Oct 17th 1:00pm EST – Mid-Term Meeting (2 of 2)
Nov 11th 1:00pm EST – Annual Meeting / Elections

Visit www.nciss.org to register

Investigations Tips:
"Pretext and Neighborhood Ruse"

By Paul Mason, Inland Empire District

A pretext or ruse is the practice of presenting oneself as someone else in order to obtain information that could potentially assist an investigation. Investigators may pretext the claimant, neighbors, businesses, or other individuals in an attempt to obtain useful information. Investigators should always think about the objective of the pretext and the information they are trying to learn, prior to initiating a pretext.  Click here to continue reading...

CALI Members in the News & Topical News

Pandemic sparks more people to hunt for their birthparents, long lost relatives

Proclamation from Cathedral City to William H. Schneid, Ph.D., 2019 CALI Investigator of the Year.

Journalism through the eyes of a private investigator

Employers Using Private Investigators To Prove Employees Didn't Get COVID-19 At Work

Why Private Eyes are Everywhere Now


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