2020-2021 Elections Schedule

Candidate Statements 
Bylaw Amendments

Announcing the 2020-2021 Board Elections Schedule. Members interested in running for office should note the following deadlines.

Monday, February 24 Deadline for members to notify the Executive Director in writing (via form submissionemail, fax, or USPS) of their desire to run for the position of:

  • President
  • Vice President - Administrative Services
  • Vice President-Investigative/Security Services
  • Director at Large (Two year term)
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Excerpts from the Bylaws:

9.05 Eligibility for Office. To be eligible for the office of President, the candidate must have been an active member for no less than three years immediately preceding commencement of the term of office and have served on the Board of Directors no less than two years. Candidates for Vice President of Administrative Services, Vice President of Investigative Services, Vice President of Security Services or Secretary-Treasurer must have been an active member for no less than two years immediately preceding commencement of the term of office and have served on the Board of Directors no less than one year. Candidates for Director-at-Large, District Director or District Governor must have been an active member for one full year immediately preceding commencement of the term of office. No two members of the Board of Directors may be from the same agency.

Any member elected or appointed to a position as an Officer, District Director, or District Governor cannot simultaneously serve in an elected or appointed leadership position for a competing organization. A competing organization is defined as a California state private investigator or private patrol association that provides similar services as CALI and seeks members with similar qualifications.

Monday, March 9: Candidates will be granted 3 minutes to address attendees at CALI Legislative Day, if they choose.

Monday, March 23: Candidate's statements (no more than 300 words) and picture (optional) must be received.  Candidate's statements and photos may be placed on the CALI website and on the Listserv.

Friday, April 3: CALI HQ will email the slate of candidates to Elections Committee members; Elections Committee Chair will distribute the slate of candidates to the membership via e-mail.

Thursday, April 9: Deadline for CALI HQ to have candidate statements and ballot formatted and sent to Elections Committee for proofing.

Monday, April 20: Deadline for CALI HQ to email ballots to all members.

Monday, May 18, 5:00 pm: Deadline for ballots to be received by CALI HQ in order to be valid.

Wednesday, May 27:  Ballots to be reviewed by ED and Elections Committee, candidates may participate in review of results. Tabulations will be examined.  Votes will be verified and certified.

Monday, June 1: Results will be announced

Contact Information:
California Association of Licensed Investigators
320 Pine Ave Suite 1050
Long Beach, CA. 90802
714-632-5405 Fax
[email protected]

Slate of Candidates


Robert Rice, South Bay/Long Beach
Vice President - Administrative Services
Lee Wolfe, Redding/Chico
Vice President-Investigative/Security Services
Cynthia Cavalie-Gonzalez, Orange
Kenneth Childs, Los Angeles
Anthony Hopkins, North Bay
Richard Rivero, San Diego
Frank Huntington, III, Sacramento
Chris Reynolds, Inland Empire



Robert Rice, South Bay/Long Beach
I recently reviewed my candidate statement from last year and must admit that we have only begun to accomplish some of the goals I committed to achieving for CALI.  I am glad to say that our Districts have remained strong.  Members are seeking to bring new PIs to our association.  "1+1"  The exemption of PIs from AB5 is monumental.  Other goals are in the process of being achieved.  Sadly the COVID-19 virus has affected us all and delayed our progress.  With the continued support of membership and the cooperation of the Board of Directors, more goals will be accomplished in the year ahead and CALI will thrive.  Please vote in favor of the proposed By-Law amendments.  Thank you for your confidence to lead this association for another year.  "1+1"

Vice President - Administrative Services
Lee Wolfe, Redding/Chico  Serving on the CALI Board of Directors over the past four years has been a pleasure, and I look forward to serving the Members of CALI as Vice President of Administrative Services. I have been working closely with Anthony Hopkins, the current Vice President of Administrative Services and I will continue using the new methods and policies he implemented in working with the districts. I plan to continue as the Chair of the ListServ Committee and assist as needed on the Conference Committee and others. Working with the Board of Directors to design a new website and vendor advertisement campaign will be a priority. CALI has overcome several challenges in the past and in the next year the CALI Board of Directors and its Members working together as a team will overcome several more. Thank you for this opportunity.

Lee Wolfe

Vice President-Investigative/Security Services
Cynthia Cavalie-Gonzalez, Orange

Esteemed Members, I am running for a second term as your Vice President of Investigative Services. Over the past year I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet with members at various district meetings, Legislative Day and educational training seminars throughout the state. I continue to be amazed at the wealth of knowledge and the myriad of unique investigative services we as an organization can offer. My goal for the next year, with the support of our board members, is to continue developing innovative educational programs for our membership as well as introduce new training opportunities for existing members, including new licensees as well as students and pre-licensees interested in entering our field. I also believe it is vital for us to build stronger relationships with investigative and security associations.
I am committed to support the continued growth of our organization by working with our social media team in exhibiting our association's professional accomplishments, community service and member recognition in publications on all interactive and social platforms. 
I have been a member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators since 2012 and have served CALI as the acting Orange District Governor (2016) Orange District Director (2017-2019) and as a current member of the CALI executive board of directors, I presently hold positions in the Budget, Education and 2020 Conference committees. I will always represent the membership and believe we deserve a strong leadership in order to maintain our reputation as California's leading private investigator’s association.

Kenneth Childs, Los Angeles

Dear Membership

Thank you for the opportunity for me to run again for the position of VP of Investigative Services. Like most of you, I’m a sole proprietor, who is a staunch CALI supporter and will be for the unforeseeable future. Not only is it about the camaraderie but for the sheer fact that CALi is the only association that puts its money where it’s mouth is by fighting legislation for our industry. With that being said, I have had over 10 + years on and off the board and have held several positions including: vice president of administrative services and VP of Investigative Services. I am familiar with a lot of the current BOD members and offer my previous experience and knowledge to help us forge ahead in these uncertain times.

Thank you,
Ken Childs

Anthony Hopkins, North Bay  It has been my honor to serve on the CALI Board of Directors for the past five years, three years as North Bay District Director and two terms as Vice President of Administrative Services.   During that time, it has also been my privilege to work with so many dedicated CALI members, Directors and Governors.  CALI will be facing membership and financial challenges in the next few years, but I know this association will thrive and continue to serve the Private Investigation profession.  As a District Director-At-Large, I will continue to offer my time and energy to foster Professional Development Trainings, such as those I helped put together last October 2019 in Walnut Creek and Irvine, CA., and the first CALI on-line Webinar in February 2020. I look forward to working with the new Vice President of Administrative Services Lee Wolfe, with President Robert Rice and the entire Board of Directors.  I might add that Lee was instrumental in assisting me on many projects and issues while I served as Vice President, and I have confidence he will do even better in that role.  Thank you for your support in allowing me the opportunity to continue to serve CALI as a District Director-At-Large.

-Anthony Hopkins

Richard Rivero, San Diego

Hello CALI,

I have been the Director of the San Diego District for over 6 years. During those years, we have successfully increased membership, increased attendance to District Meetings, provided training, provided mentorships, and assisted in increasing member benefits. I have participated on the Conference Committees, and Listserv Committees. Our meetings have been held in fun locations such as Petco Park. At Petco Park, we had a meeting and enjoyed a great baseball game with our San Diego Padres.

Approximately 2 years ago, myself and the San Diego District Governor, Jay Paulino launched an experimental program to assist increasing membership and member benefit. We did this by teaming up with a video company and creating promotional videos promoting the San Diego District meetings. These videos lifted the exposure and interest of the meetings and increased attendance. After seeing the success of this program with San Diego, we reached out to other districts and assisted in creating videos for them. This led to an increase in attendance to those meetings.

After my tenure on the CALI Board of Directors as the San Diego District Director, I wish to move up in the organization by working in this Statewide position as Director at Large.


Richard Rivero


Frank Huntington, III, Sacramento
Hello fellow CALIans: I am running for the position of Secretary of this great organization and would appreciate your vote.  The Board of Directors strives to be transparent and to make sure the membership is always apprised as to inner workings of the association.  As Secretary, I will strive to see that minutes from board meetings are quickly posted to the website and that the policies of the Board of Directors are clearly spelled out.  Thank you for your consideration.


Chris Reynolds, Inland Empire
 I have served as your Treasurer for the past three years and I have been on the budget committee for over ten years ago. As the treasurer I have provided oversight of all CALI finances and ensured the organization stays within its budgets. The job of Treasurer is to organize budgets, expenditures, investments and income. I have worked closely with the Executive Director of CALI to resolve financial issues as they arise. This year, more focus has been placed on actively managing the budgets for the Annual Conference. Historically, that budget was separately managed as a stand-alone event. Due to unforeseen difficulties with out last conference and some extra-ordinary expenses, it made sense to include that budget process under the umbrella of the Treasurer and the budget committee.

This year has been a challenge because many of our expenses from the 2019 conference were carried over to the 2019-20 budget. Without those expenses our budget would be show a slight profit. However, because we operate on a cash basis, the expenses from last year show up this year.

Since its inception, I have worked with Northwestern Mutual to help manage and direct our investment portfolio. CALI made some slight changes in our bond/equity allocations and those have proved to be successful. We continue to maintain very conservative investments.

I’ve served on the board for seventeen years. Including four years as the President. I remain active in CALI and will continue to act in its best interests regarding all financial matters.

I believe it is important for CALI to have members on the board with long-time service because those people bring institutional knowledge and the benefit of past mistakes and successes.

I’m a strong believer in collaboration and the treasurer position suits that strength. I hope you will continue to support my efforts to serve CALI by electing me to the position for the 2020-21 year.

Proposed Bylaw Amendments for Membership 

5.07 Life Membership 
A member shall become a life member under the following: 

a. A member reaches the age of seventy (70) and has continuous membership in CALI for twenty (20) years immediately preceding application for life membership. 

A life member shall be entitled to a waiver of regular dues commencing with the first renewal period following their eligible birthday and upon completing the active membership under (a.). 
Maintenance of PI or PPO licensure is not required to retain life membership status. Life members shall have the right to vote. Life member shall not have the right to hold office. All other dues or fees associated with membership in CALI are not waived. 

7.04 District Meetings and Elections. 
Each district shall hold a minimum of two (2) educational meetings during the fiscal year and one elections meeting, which shall be held before May 31st of each year, but no earlier than 60 days prior to May 31st, for the purpose of electing a District Director and Governor. The District Director may also serve as the District Governor. Eligibility for District Director and District Governor shall conform to membership and eligibility requirements as set forth in these Bylaws. Eligible voting members must be affiliated with the district in which they vote for District Governor or Director and must meet voting and eligibility requirements as prescribed by these Bylaws. 

9.03 Election of Officers and Directors-at-Large by Written Ballot.
The President, Vice Presidents, the Secretary, the Treasurer, Directors, and Directors-at-Large shall be elected only by written ballot of the members. All Officers, Directors at Large and Directors shall be elected bi-annually and shall hold office for a two-year term beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30 of the second year. Directors-at- Large shall hold office for a two-year term beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30 of the second year. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any vacancy in an Officer position, Director-at-Large position, or Director position resulting from dismissal, recall, withdrawal or otherwise, may be filled for the unexpired term by a person appointed by the Board of Directors. 

9.10 Minimum Number of Votes Required for Election by Ballot.
In order to be elected by ballot as an Officer or Director-at-Large, a candidate must receive a number of votes that is at least one-half of the quorum required to be present at a meeting of the members. The candidate(s) receiving the highest number of votes (but at least the number of votes required by the forgoing sentence) within the time specified by the Board of Directors for the return of ballots to the Association, up to the number of Directors-at-Large to be elected, or for an Officer position, shall be deemed to be elected and their term in office shall begin on July 1. The results of any election by ballot shall be announced at the following Annual Business Meeting of the members. 

10.01 Meetings.
A Board of Directors meeting shall be held within ninety days (90) following the Annual Business Meeting, at a location and date selected by the President. The President shall provide thirty (30) days notice of the first meeting. A minimum of four regular meetings shall be held during the fiscal year. 

10.03 Election of the Chairman of the Board 
During the first Board of Directors meeting the members of the Board shall elect a Chairman of the Board. Only District Directors, Directors-at-Large, and the Immediate Past President are eligible to serve as Chairman of the Board. 

13.04 Audit.
The Board of Directors shall
retain a Certified Public Accountant to perform an annual review of the financial records of the Association. The Board of Directors shall retain a Certified Public Accountant to perform a financial audit at least every four (4) years. 

Elections Ballot

2020-2021 Official CALI Board of Directors Elections Ballot (now closed)