The California Association of Licensed Investigators (CALI) and the Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council (CDITC) joined forces to deliver what promised to be the most exciting training event of the year!  The 40-hour Criminal Defense Investigation Academy was held on January 23 - 27, 2017, at the Dolce Hayes Mansion in San Jose, California.

The evaluations have been tabulated and show phenomenal results.

One hundred percent of the respondents evaluated the program met expectations and that the content was relevant for a seasons private investigator.

The respondents felt the faculty, length of the training, the location, and overall quality of the event were great. They overwhelmingly believed CALI should hold another Academy.
"This training was awesome and well worth the money. The best part was the all inclusive training and environment. We took everything we learned in the classroom and immediately applied it as a team conducting a mock investigation."

"The entire Academy was presented in an outstanding and professional standard."

"Yes! CALI is a vibrant organization that fosters a culture of improvement where one is greatly needed. The more we as PI's improve our services and enhance the quality of the PI's the more viable it will be."

"In my 28 years in law enforcement, 25 years in the military, 13 years as a PI; I have had a lot of great training opportunities. This has to be near the top if not the top in the content, quality, and location. Not only was there a classroom, but also there was practical experience and teamwork. It was the best."

Thank you to the Faculty
Brandon Perron, CW Sellers, Francie Koehler, Bill  Monroe, and Brad Parron, and Advisor Anne Fields

Thank you to the Mock Investigation Team

Alyssa Perron, Richard Rood, Denise Maldonado, CW Sellers, Ted Day, John Blackburn, Esther Flores, and Joseph Kral 

Shout out to Sandra Copas for her help on-site. And Stacey Scheirer, CALI Staff, who CW says, "can pull a rabbit out of a hat."

Shout out to Scott, who won (by random selection) the $100 gift card drawing for submitting the ELITE evaluation by deadline.

And, all of the participants!