Listserv FAQs

What is the correct email address to use for a post?
[email protected]

How do I access the Listserv?
You are automatically enrolled as a member. Send posts to [email protected]

I keep seeing a different return mail address in the “FROM” portion of emails from CALI. ([email protected]). Can I use it to send a post?
No. It is an address generated by memberclicks as part of their security. You cannot use it to post a message. When you hit reply to a message you will automatically reply to the CALI member that sent the post to the listerv. Only use ​[email protected]​.

Anything specific I should know about the subject line?
Yes.  We recommend listing the date (such as "1/5/18") at the beginning or end of your subject line.  Due to spamming issues, the listserv will not send the exact same subject line from the same person.

How do I unsubscribe from the listserv?
Send an email to ​[email protected]​. That email is directly to the CALI office. You will be unsubscribed by the office staff.

Can I Receive a Digest?
Although there is no Digest feature for Memberclicks as you had in Yahoo! Groups, there is a fix that will allow you to check listserv posts at any time, and not receive each posting to your email account

Here it is:

  1. Log into the CALI Website at ​
  2. Go to your member profile page
  3. Find the "My Features" Tab and click on that tab
  4. Click on the "E-Lists" Tab
  5. Locate the "CALI Members" List and click on "Edit"
  6. A new window pops up with a line entitled "Email Delivery"
  7. Un-check the email delivery box and save your changes. You will no longer have emails sent to your listed email address. You can always cancel the selection by following the same steps and checking the "Email Delivery" box.

OK, I've stopped getting emails to my Inbox; how to do I check the listserv?

  1. Log into the CALI Website at ​
  2. Go to your member profile page
  3. Find the "My Features" Tab and click on that tab
  4. Click on the "E-Lists Tab and select "CALI Members" list That takes you directly to the listserv and you can review all posts.

That is a lot of steps. Is there a shortcut?

Do the following:

  1. Go the ​​ and go to the member login.
  2. Before you login, you login click the box, "Stay logged in"
  3. Go to your profile and find "My Features"
  4. Click on the E-List" tabs and find "CALI Members" list.
  5. Click on the "CALI Members" List and you will see the Listserv messages. At that point BOOKMARK THAT LOCATION

You should be able to return to the list from the Bookmark to check messages. You can check anytime. If you get logged out, simply log in and click the bookmark. To refresh the list for the current postings, click on the "messages" tab just to the left of the listing of messages. The list refreshes and you will see the most current postings. Be sure to click the "stay logged in feature" or you will have to always log in when you refresh.

I sent a Test to the Listserv but it was not posted? How do I know I am connected?
Every member was automatically enrolled in the listserv and testing is not necessary. However, some members may still want to make sure they are able to get to the list. ​Every time a test is sent to the list it is received at the CALI website by the moderators. For the "test" to even appear in that inbox means the member is properly connected to the listserv. The Listserv committee gets an instant notification of your post and will send you a personal message to confirm your test was received. However, the actual "test" message will not be posted to the list to avoid clutter to member email accounts. Your test worked-feel free to post away.

What is the correct signature line?
The new signature line requirements have relaxed the restrictions on content, but added a requirement of your email address. At a minimum, your email must contain the following:
Phone Number
Email Address
License Number

Are there any exceptions to providing my full address. I don’t want to release my home address?
Yes. If you have a security concern, please only list the city of residence.

Can I submit a post to the listserv using the CALI Website and not my personal email?

  1. Log into your CALI Account
  2. Go to “Update your Profile”
  3. Go to “My Features”
  4. Select “E-Lists” and migrate to the calimembers listserv
  5. Select “Post a New Message” (It is at the upper right corner with a green plus sign)
    See below:
    Post a New Message

Create your message and hit “Post Message” button in the bottom right of the message window. Your Address signature line is automatically included with your email. You don’t need to add it again.

I want to submit information in response to a posting, an article, topical information or advice to the membership. How do I do that?
Submit your posting to the listserv and it will be reviewed in relationship to the listserv rules. You can also email “​[email protected]​ and your information will be reviewed for posting.

I have a question about a posting and I don’t know if it is proper for the list. What can I do?
Submit your question directly to the listserv and it will be reviewed by the listserv committee. Or, address it to [email protected]​ and it will be received and reviewed by the commitee.

I have a disagreement with CALI or a member. What do I do if I can’t post my complaint to the list?
Submit any issue or question about the association to the following two people:
1. President Anne Fields: [email protected]
2. Jerry Packer-Executive Director: [email protected]

What is the review process for moderating a listserv posting?
Any listserv posting is sent to all moderators. Any one moderator can review the posting to ensure it conforms to current listserv rules. Once reviewed, it is immediately released to the membership. Any listserv post with a technical violation will be released with a private note to the member to fix the problem. A listserv posting that violates a prohibited use will not be posted to the list. The moderators will immediately contact the member, advise the member of the problem and either request a fix or advise the member that the posting cannot be submitted. The member is obligated to conform the posting or it won’t be submitted.

Can the Listserv Moderator Change or edit a listserv posting before it is released to the list?
NO. ​The moderator does not have the ability to adjust or edit any email before it is released to the listserv. The moderator can only release the message in its original form or hold the message and contact the member to fix the problem.

I don’t like the action of the committee to moderate my post; can I appeal?
Yes. The first appeal is to the Chair of the Listserv Committee for reconsideration. The second level of appeal is to the Board of Directors. Appeals to the Board of Directors are for the resolution of serious violations. At this time, no member will receive a violation because all posts are moderated before release to the membership. However, a member may appeal the choice to moderate a posting by making a request for an appeal. The listserv rules outline that process at this address: ​

Are statistics kept on moderated listserv postings? Where can I find them?
Yes. Each moderated posting, with the exception of technical violations, are documented, including the original posting, the listserv committee response and the resolution. A spreadsheet will be published to the membership on a monthly basis, starting August 1, 2017. After August 1, 2017 the spreadsheets will be stored on the CALI website. Member names will not be disclosed due to confidentiality.

Who are the CALI Listserv Moderators?
Bill Schneid, Chairperson
Chris Reynolds
Mike Moriarity
Roberto Rivera
Rick Crooks