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Bud Adams

Specialized Resource Group
8018 East Santa Ana Canyon Road
Suite 100-175
Anaheim CA 92808
United States

Phone: 714-596-4567

PI/PPO License Number: PI21362

Specialties: Asset Checks, Background Investigations, Bodyguard, Executive Protection, Child Custody, Civil Investigations, Corporate Investigations, Covert Video, Domestic, Insurance, Missing Persons, Mystery Shopping, Personal Injury, Process Service, Security, Skip Trace, Surveillance, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Undercover, Workplace Investigations, Workers' Comp

CALI Member since: 01/01/1987
CALI District: Orange

James Allen

South Cities Investigations
PO Box 7832
Huntington Beach CA 92615
United States

Phone: 714-964-7847
Cell Phone: 714-717-2745
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: PI28178

CALI Member since: 07/05/2012
CALI District: Orange

Debra Allen

Allen Investigations
1048 Irvine Avenue
Suite 530
Newport Beach CA 92660
United States

Phone: (949) 612-5714
Cell Phone: 928-846-7208

PI/PPO License Number: CA PI # 29141

Specialties: Adoption

CALI Member since: 01/13/2016
CALI District: Orange

Anthony Altfeld

Anthony J. Altfeld, Private Investigator
P.O. Box 2566
Mission Viejo CA 92692
United States

Phone: 619-607-7795
Cell Phone: 619-607-7795
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: 28479

Specialties: Bodyguard

CALI Member since: 05/01/1994
CALI District: Orange

Ali Ammar

Orange Detective Agency
100 Spectrum Center Drive
9th Floor
Irvine CA 92618
United States

Phone: 1-800-305-8520

PI/PPO License Number: 26091

Specialties: Accident Reconstruction, Adjusting Insurance, Adoption, Alien Tort Investigations, Arson, Asset Checks, Auto, Aviation, Background Investigations, Bank and Accounting Fraud, Boating, Bodyguard, Child Abuse, Child Custody, Children's Rights, Civil Investigations, Computer Crimes, Construction Sites, Corporate Investigations, Covert Video, Criminal Investigations, Defense, Document Examination, Domestic, Drugs, Drunk Driving Defense, Executive Protection, Explosives, Firearms, Hazardous Waste, Human Trafficking, Identity Theft, Industrial Accidents, Insurance, Internet Security, Maritime, Medical/Legal Malpractice, Missing Heirs, Missing Persons, Missing Pets/Animals, Motorcycle, Mystery Shopping, Organized Crime, Patrol, Personal Injury, Photography, Polygraph, Probate, Probate/Missing Heirs, Process Service, Products Liability, Public Interest Investigations, Real Estate, Retired, Security, Skip Trace, Social Media, Surveillance, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Toxics, Trial Preparation, Truck, Undercover, Voice Stress, White Collar Crime, Workers' Comp, Workplace Investigations

Education and Experience: Established in 2008. Orange Detective Agency serves individuals, attorneys, and businesses. Our private investigators include leading experts in law enforcement, personal protection, research, and investigations. We are the first and only detective agency to offer drone video and photos in California. The evidence obtained by a drone can be used in court. Even when using a drone, our agency is exempt from invasion of privacy laws. Since our inception, we have maintained access to the same data that law enforcement uses to locate criminals and witnesses.

CALI Member since: 03/05/1996
CALI District: Orange

Robert Anderson

Western States Business Investigations
2973 Harbor Boulevard
Suite 925
Costa Mesa CA 92626
United States

Phone: (714) 749-5919
Cell Phone: (714) 494-3288

PI/PPO License Number: PI 25102

Specialties: Missing Persons

CALI Member since: 12/30/2015
CALI District: Orange

Paul Atkinson

Timco Investigations
7108 Katella Ave #288
Stanton CA 90680

Phone: 714-743-5654

PI/PPO License Number: 187812

CALI Member since: 06/13/2016
CALI District: Orange

Gregory Beard

Beard Investigative Services
P.O. Box 60154
Irvine CA 92602

Phone: 949-385-3723
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: 25452

Specialties: Background Investigations

CALI Member since: 06/01/2015
CALI District: Orange

Gregory Beavers

Beavers & Associates, Inc.
P.O. Box 3903
United States

Phone: 714-840-1988
Cell Phone: 714-425-9966

PI/PPO License Number: PI10854

Specialties: Background Investigations

CALI Member since: 07/16/2009
CALI District: Orange

Ronald Bender

LRS Investigations
22431 Antonio Parkway
Suite B160 #649
Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688
United States

Phone: 408-275-6078
Cell Phone: 408-402-1720

PI/PPO License Number: PI16723

Specialties: Asset Checks, Background Investigations, Skip Trace

CALI Member since: 04/24/2006
CALI District: Orange

Herbert Bermudez, MS, CRA

The Bermudez Group, Inc. - Licensed Investigators
25431 Cabot Road
Suite 200
Laguna Hills CA 92653
United States

Phone: 714 264-6701

PI/PPO License Number: PI12340

Specialties: Adjusting Insurance, Insurance, Workers' Comp

Education and Experience: MS Criminal Justice, Boston University; BS Criminal Justice, San Diego State University; Executive Advanced Management, USC; Executive Program Negotiations, Harvard Law; Advanced Interview & Interrogations, Reid; CRA (Chartered Risk Analyst); WCCA (Workers' Compensation Claims Admin).

CALI District: Orange

David Boone

Pentagon Protective & Investigative Services
28562 Oso Parkway, Suite D-505
Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688
United States

Phone: 949-544-4661

PI/PPO License Number: PI21924

Specialties: Background Investigations, Corporate Investigations, Covert Video, Surveillance

CALI Member since: 08/25/2003
CALI District: Orange

Bob Bowers

Bowers Investigation Services
12534 Valley View #120
Garden Grove CA 92845-2006
United States

Cell Phone: 714-356-5947
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: PI188367

Specialties: Background Investigations, Bodyguard, Executive Protection, Criminal Investigations, Firearms, Workplace Investigations

Education and Experience: Background and internal/employment investigations. 26 years of law enforcement experience. Retired police sergeant.

CALI Member since: 04/28/2018
CALI District: Orange

Matthew Brady

Quaere, Inc.
16835 Algonquin Street
Suite 380
Huntington Beach CA 92649
United States

Phone: 714-960-9600
Cell Phone: 714-393-8214

PI/PPO License Number: PI25508

Specialties: Adjusting Insurance, Asset Checks, Truck, Aviation, Background Investigations, Civil Investigations, Corporate Investigations, Process Service, Products Liability, Surveillance, Toxics, Trial Preparation

CALI Member since: 09/26/2013
CALI District: Orange

Larry Broadhurst

Broadhurst Investigative Services 17602
Anaheim CA 92817
United States

PI/PPO License Number: 28867

Specialties: Auto, Background Investigations, Bodyguard, Child Abuse, Child Custody, Children's Rights, Civil Investigations, Covert Video, Criminal Investigations, Defense, Domestic, Drugs, Executive Protection, Missing Persons, Motorcycle, Organized Crime, Surveillance, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Trial Preparation, Truck, Undercover

CALI Member since: 01/30/2012
CALI District: Orange

Gary Brummond

Rod Blythe Investigations, LLC
1038 East Bastanchury Road, #333
Fullerton CA 92835
United States

Phone: (714) 545-2227

PI/PPO License Number: PI22333

Specialties: Asset Checks, Background Investigations, Civil Investigations, Identity Theft, Insurance, Process Service, Skip Trace, Surveillance

CALI District: Orange

Randy Burba

IAS Investigations
122 E Everett Place
orange CA 92867
United States

Phone: 6572249674
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: 19785

Specialties: Background Investigations

CALI Member since: 04/24/2018
CALI District: Orange

Allen Cardoza

West Shield Investigations
16033 Bolsa Chica Street #104 Pmb350
Huntington Beach CA 92649-2452
United States

Phone: 714-898-9696

PI/PPO License Number: PI7824

Specialties: Insurance, Surveillance, Undercover

CALI Member since: 10/07/2011
CALI District: Orange

Christopher Cardoza

C&C Private Investigations

Phone: (909)5687453
Cell Phone: (909)5687453
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: 26669

Specialties: Civil Investigations

CALI Member since: 08/15/2016
CALI District: Orange

Robert Carpenter

Legal Resources & Investigations
3943 Irvine Boulevard
Suite 105
Irvine CA 92602
United States

Phone: 949-716-5455

PI/PPO License Number: PI23386

Specialties: Surveillance

Education and Experience: - Private Investigation experience of over 20 years - Law Enforcement experience as a Police Officer for 10 years (disability retired) - Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from University of Cincinnati - Bachelors Degree in Criminology from University of California at Irvine - Instructor (11 years) - California State University, Fullerton - Certificate in Private Investigation; program is ranked #6 in the nation ( top-25-private-investigation-training).

CALI Member since: 09/19/2011
CALI District: Orange

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