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Mark Mahoney

Mahoney & Sons Investigations, LTD.
27 Descanso Drive
Orinda CA 94563
United States

Phone: 925-388-0595
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: 188165

Specialties: Background Investigations, Civil Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Domestic, Workers' Comp

CALI Member since: 03/01/2018
CALI District: East Bay

Thomas MCCarthy

McCarthy Investigations
1240 Sixth Street
Suite B
Berkeley CA 94710
United States

Phone: 415-302-9788
Cell Phone: 415-302-9788
Website: http://

PI/PPO License Number: 22253

Specialties: Civil Investigations, Photography

CALI Member since: 03/11/2019
CALI District: East Bay

Michele McGarraugh

McGarraugh Company
875-A Island Drive
Suite 416
Alameda CA 94502-6751
United States

Phone: (510) 865-0902
Cell Phone: (510) 846-1209

PI/PPO License Number: PI21340

Specialties: Defense

CALI Member since: 11/17/1998
CALI District: East Bay

Brian Medeiros

Medeiros Investigative and Consulting Services

Phone: 707-980-1892
Cell Phone: 707-980-1892

PI/PPO License Number: 29032

Specialties: Corporate Investigations, Criminal Investigations, Public Interest Investigations, Surveillance, Workplace Investigations

CALI Member since: 12/23/2015
CALI District: East Bay

Nickolas Montano

Certified Professional Investigator, Certified Security Professional

Montano & Associates
1547 Palos Verdes Mall
Suite 284
Walnut Creek CA 94597-2228
United States

Phone: (925) 947-1212

PI/PPO License Number: PI8169

Specialties: Bank and Accounting Fraud, Civil Investigations, Corporate Investigations, Organized Crime, Products Liability, White Collar Crime

CALI Member since: 04/08/1980
CALI District: East Bay

Richard Mora

Lifetime Certified Professional Investigator

Mora Ivestigations
2600 Central Avenue
Suite N
Union City CA 94587
United States

Phone: 510-397-0707

PI/PPO License Number: PI8182

CALI District: East Bay

Jeremiah Morgan

Pro-Detection, LLC
PO Box 272
Moss Beach CA 94038-0272
United States

Phone: 866-234 4777

PI/PPO License Number: 23037

Education and Experience: NLITE Certification March 2013

CALI Member since: 11/25/1996
CALI District: East Bay

CM Courier Services, LLC

PO Box 3071
Walnut Creek CA 94598
Service & Industry Type: Process Services

Main Contact: Chris Mori
Phone: 925-260-2989

Specialties: Process Service
CALI Member since: 01/31/2019
CALI District: East Bay

Erik Nilsson

California Special Investigative & Protective Services
1901 Harrison St.
Suite 1100
Oakland CA 94612
United States

Phone: 888-803-6974
Cell Phone: 925-621-8750

PI/PPO License Number: PI 28137

Specialties: Accident Reconstruction, Adoption, Arson, Asset Checks, Background Investigations, Bank and Accounting Fraud, Bodyguard, Child Abuse, Child Custody, Civil Investigations, Construction Sites, Corporate Investigations, Covert Video, Criminal Investigations, Defense, Document Examination, Domestic, Drugs, Executive Protection, Firearms, Identity Theft, Industrial Accidents, Medical/Legal Malpractice, Missing Persons, Missing Pets/Animals, Organized Crime, Patrol, Personal Injury, Photography, Process Service, Public Interest Investigations, Security, Skip Trace, Surveillance, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Trial Preparation, Undercover, White Collar Crime, Workers' Comp, Workplace Investigations

CALI Member since: 08/02/2016
CALI District: East Bay

Randy Ontiveros

Rand Investigations

Phone: 510-290-7000
Cell Phone: 510-290-7000

PI/PPO License Number: 8915

CALI Member since: 01/01/1985
CALI District: East Bay