The California Private Investigator's Legal Forms

altCALI's exclusive "The California Private Investigator’s Legal Forms" package contains twelve must-have forms plus information and links to six more important government forms. Also included is a 17-page Forms Manual to guide the user on understanding and modifying the forms to suit their unique needs.

Services agreement forms (contracts) between:

  1. The investigator and an individual client;
  2. The investigator and a corporate client;
  3. The investigator and a law firm; and
  4. The investigator and another investigator working as a subcontractor

Additional forms include:

  1. Informational handout to clients;
  2. Report format to non-attorney clients;
  3. Report format to attorneys;
  4. Authorization and release form giving the investigator access to personal records;
  5. Authorization and release form authorizing access to a minor’s personal records;
  6. A federal Freedom of Information request form;
  7. A Federal Privacy Act request form; and
  8. A California Public Records Act request form

And links and information for forms to obtain:

  1. A BSIS Report of Incident Form;
  2. Form SF 180 to obtain military records;
  3. Form 4506 to obtain federal tax records;
  4. Form 4506t to obtain transcripts of all IRS actions;
  5. Form 3516 to obtain California individual and corporate tax returns

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Nonmembers: $299

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