New CALI Member Listserv - Effective Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Starting July 5, 2017 CALI will be migrating all active members to the Memberclicks listserv, operated by CALI. For many years CALI used yahoogroups to manage the listserv. Yahoogroups will not be offering the listserv as an option in the near future.

The process to migrate to Memberclicks will be done automatically by the CALI Executive Director. All members will be migrated at the same time and members will be required to opt-out if they do not want to subscribe to the list.  Staff will be available to assist you with the transition and specific instructions will be supplied in case you have problems.

In addition to the new listserv, CALI will begin a 90 day pilot project as a moderated listserv.  The list will be moderated by the CALI office and a committee assigned to moderate all posts. The purpose of moderation is NOT to censor posts. This new process will eliminate many of the problems that currently exist, including the elimination of technical violations. The list will also be void of any personal attacks and requests for inappropriate information. A moderated email is scanned for content and technical issues. Once reviewed it is released to the general list.

In advance of the change, the Board of Directors agreed to modify the signature line requirements to require your email address in the signature section. The change was done due to some issues within the new program.  Also there will no longer be restrictions on the number of lines a member uses for their signature line. The only new requirement is that your signature line must contain the following information:
Name and/or Business Name
Address (PO Box is fine)
Email Address - New
PI License

Please make the above modification as soon as possible. The signature line settings are typically found in your email settings. The same signature line requirements will apply to your smartphone applications as well, so be sure to make the changes on each device.  The listserv committee will work with you if you have a question or problem about how to change your signature line. Hopefully, most people already know how to make the changes. If you need help changing your signature line please email Chris Reynolds at [email protected].

Please click here for Listserv FAQs.

  • The address of the listserv is [email protected].

  • Instructions on how to opt out: Send a message to [email protected] with OPT OUT in the subject line and the member's name in the body of the email.

  • Please note that the reply feature is set to reply to the sender.

  • If you want to reply to everyone on the listserv, hit "forward" and enter the listserv address in the "to" field: [email protected].

  • The purpose of the listserv:

    • Association use of Listserv: The purpose of the Listserv is to provide a method for the Association - through its Board of Directors, Executive Director, or authorized representative - to communicate to its members about the association and association-related matters and policies.
    • Member use of the Listserv: Member use of the Listserv is solely for the purpose of exchanging business referrals, posting work assistance requests and information specifically related to PI or PPO case work and/or assignments.
    • The CALI Listserv is not a chat room or blog and is not intended for the purpose of expressing personal opinions or addressing a dispute with the Association, individuals or businesses.
    • Communications which do not conform to the Rules and Purpose of the Listserv are prohibited and will not be posted to the listserv. Such posts may result in disciplinary action up to and including your removal from the Listserv.

  • Please click here for the rules of the listserv.

  • If a matter has been handled, e.g. found someone for a job posting for example, send an email to the listserv <[email protected]> indicating the matter has been handled.

  • There may be delays in posts to the listserv.

  • There is no digest version at this time. However, check FAQs for a work-around solution.