President's Message

Dear Members:

This month represents the beginning of the second half of our fiscal year. We are paying close attention to the budget after we learned that State Fund was discontinuing its Safety programs for all statewide associations. This represents a hit to our budget of approximately $110k per year. I am convening a meeting in March with several CALI members to begin developing ideas to trim our budget and increase revenue to cover these significant shortfalls. We have some savings to fall back on in the short term, but using reserves is never a good idea. We may be reaching out to our membership for more ideas as we get closer to firming up a new budget for upcoming year.

Our second ELITE featuring David Townsend was held in San Jose, CA last Saturday. We had approximately 30 participants in the program. Mr. Townsend is an extremely competent computer forensics expert and his training was greatly appreciated by our members. 

Legislative Day will be held in Sacramento on March 23rd. this annual event is our opportunity to meet with legislators and their staffs on important issues for CALI. CALI does not have the means to make major contributions to the legislators. Our strongest success is through grassroots efforts of our members. If you know a legislator or aide and can get a door open for CALI then you should contact me or Francie Koehler ([email protected]) and we can work with you to set up an appointment. We expect to have several legislators speak to our members....all this at no cost to you. We need your support in Sacramento and encourage you to attend.

NLITE will be held on March 21st in Sacramento. This semi-annual event is for new licensees and the cost is under $50.00 (covering our food and room charges) for any attendee. Attendees also get the NLITE membership discount. Please refer your friends or sign up yourself if you qualify for the event.
The annual conference committee has confirmed all speakers for the event (Reno, Nevada, June 4-6). There will be pre-conference programs, a golf tournament, social events, networking, major exhibitors and a fine program. Please sign up for the early bird discounts.  They won't last forever. 

We intended to roll out the new listserv on Memberclicks and the monthly payment program. Our management company asked for more time to ensure the listserv features work as advertised. Our monthly payment program was delayed because the board need more time to consider appropriate charges for that program. Those issues should be resolved at our next board meeting on March 22nd.  Please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] if you have any comments, criticisms or feedback on how our association is working for you.

Chris Reynolds