Listserv Report-July 2017


We just completed the first month of our moderated listserv experiment and we wanted to give you the statistics related to the project. The listserv committee has been working around the clock to ensure your posts reach the listserv in a timely manner.

  1. From July 1, 2017 through August 1, 2017 the listserv received 379 messages from members
  2. The listserv committee moderated 15 messages (3.98% of all messages) The member was notified on each occasion when their message was moderated, including the reason for the moderation.  A moderated message means it was in violation of an existing rule. Previously the message would be released to the list, followed by a “stop the thread” or a violation notice, and member comments would follow to the list about the inappropriate thread. When moderated, the member and the listserv committee are in direct contact. To date, no moderated message has been appealed.
  3. Here is a breakdown of moderated messages:
    1. Member disputes/complaint about the new list  (5) (2 from same member on July 1)
    2. Posting for non-member (2)
    3. Message to point out signature line error of listserv moderator regarding inclusion of email address. Email address was fixed, messages were not forwarded to list.
    4. Posting in error to list, meant for member only (1)
    5. Poll to members (1)
    6. Complaint re: not getting messages on new list. Resolved favorably with moderator making personal contact with members and fixing problem online (2)
    7. Inappropriate Request for DMV records (1)
    8. Posting of news article regarding PI sentencing after President Fields had already sent message and link for interested members to check out (1)

The committee maintains a spreadsheet of statistics, the original posting and the response to the member.

There were a number of issues that were resolved for members, but those messages were posted and the problems were corrected between the listserv committee and the member. Those were typically issues related to getting the correct email link to communicate to the listserv.  Tests to the list were not released to the list to keep it free of clutter. Every test to the list was responded to from the committee.
One member had an issue with a delayed posting over the 4th of July weekend.

The listserv committee released a detailed “Frequently Asked Questions” on using the new listserv. That FAQ was distributed to the listserv and also posted as part of the listserv rules.

The only new listserv rule implemented with the change was the inclusion of an email address in the signature line. The rules regarding the number of lines used for your signature line were eliminated.

We truly hope you are enjoying the list. Since July 1, 2017 there have been no listserv violations, no “stop the thread” postings, and no inappropriate name calling or personal attacks between members. The feedback from many members has been positive, particularly regarding the tone of the messaging between members. We are very appreciative of your efforts and we will continue to update you each month on our statistics. 

If you have suggestions or comments, please direct them to [email protected]. You will receive a prompt response. If you have concerns or issues related to CALI, please contact President Anne Fields @ [email protected] and/or Executive Director Jerry Packer @ [email protected].

Listserv Committee