Update on CALI Legislative Committee Activities

Friday, December 27, 2013  

BSIS Advisory Committee
On November 22, 2013, CALI’s Legislative Advocates Jerry Desmond and Anne Schillig from the Desmond office and I were privileged to attend a meeting held by BSIS Chief Laura Alarcon along with representatives of other disciplines regulated by BSIS. The purpose of the meeting was to consider reestablishing the BSIS Advisory Committee with a specific mission and focus and with a committee chosen from applicants from both representatives of each regulated group as well as consumers and law enforcement. The Advisory Committee is still in the talking stages. You will be hearing more about it as it develops.

CALI Sponsored Legislation
November 23, 2013 at the Board of Director’s meeting, the board approved the recommendation of CALI’s Legislative Committee to move forward with the two following measures.

  1. Legislation to amend the Private Investigator Act in the Business and Professions Code to authorize limited liability companies (LLCs) to be licensed by the state Department of Consumer Affairs. Other groups such as the Alarm Companies have incorporated LLCs into their law so we do not anticipate opposition as we have met with key people in both the Senate and the Assembly Committees.
  2. Legislation to amend the Private Investigator Act in the Business and Professions Code to require the establishment of two disciplinary review committees (one for North and one for South) to which a licensed private investigator may contest the assessment of an administrative fine or appeal a denial, revocation, or suspension of a license. This does not apply to actions that would be referred to the CA Attorney General.

Meeting with CALSAGA Representatives
December 3, 2013 President Michael Julian, Jerry Desmond Jr. and I had quite a productive meeting with representatives from CALSAGA, the group that represents the security professionals. The end result is that we have jointly pledged to work together on issues mutually beneficial to both organizations including but not limited to legislation. Please refer to President Julian’s article in this newsletter for more information.

Hearing on Privacy
An informative meeting entitled Balancing Privacy and Opportunity in the Internet Age was held at Santa Clara University by the Assembly Judiciary and Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Committees, and the Select Committee on Privacy, December 12, 2013. Jerry Desmond and I attended along with San Jose District Director Phil Flores and Director at Large Roberto Rivera.

Topics included:

  1. Personal Information, Privacy and the Internet: An Overview
  2. Are Disclosure-based Approaches to Privacy Protection Working, and If Not, Should They Be Improved, or Should Other Approaches Be Considered?
  3. Looking Forward: Future Privacy Challenges and Possible Government

Please refer to the analysis of this hearing provided by Jerry Desmond in this newsletter.

State Fund
The SCIF Project Committee comprised of President Julian, CW Sellers, Anthony Hopkins and I have continued to meet with State Fund representatives, Dante Robinson, Maryann Lazernik and Jose Ruiz to attempt to navigate through and make recommendations regarding the State Fund established Vendor Management Program. We have been told that State Fund will be conducting audits of both HUB and VRC. In the meantime and in the next couple of weeks, members will be receiving a survey asking for detail about the process and the relationships with each of the vendor management companies. This survey is designed to allow members to provide detail anonymously and will be used in discussions with State Fund Representatives. Please participate in the survey process as it is very important to the ability of this committee to effect change.

Legislation Day
CALI’s annual legislation day, Campaign for CALI, is on the horizon and coming March 17, 2014. It is critically important to participate in this activity and become acquainted with your state senator or state assembly member. CALI’s legislative success depends on the grass roots participation of our members and member relationships with their representatives. Save the date and watch for further announcements.

Francie Koehler Legislative Chair
[email protected]