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CALI Board of Directors

Anne Fields

Robert Rice
Immediate Past President

David Williams
VP of Security Services

Maki Kudaka, CPI
VP of Administrative Services

Roberto Rivera, CPI
VP of Investigative Services

Chris Reynolds

Oleg Flaksman, CPI

John Proveaux
Director at Large

Director at Large

Jerry Packer
Executive Director

Chad Ragan
Central Coast Director

Juan Sigler
East Bay Director

Bradley Pfanner
Golden Valley Director

Don Lewis
Inland Empire Director

Cary Cavalieri
South Bay-Long Beach Director

Ken Childs, CPI
Los Angeles Director

Anthony Hopkins, CPI
North Bay Director

Cynthia Cavalie-Gonzalez
Orange Director

Lee Wolfe
Redding Director

Frank Huntington, III, CPI
Sacramento Director

Rick Rivero, CPI
San Diego Director

Sean Walsh
San Francisco Director

Osiel Garza
San Joaquin South Director

Felipe Flores
San Jose Director

CALI District Governors

Ernie Romero
Centra Coast Governor

Tony Suggs
East Bay Governor

Amenoel Barfield
Golden Valley Governor

Don Lewis
Inland Empire Governor

Alfonso Lozano
Long Beach-South Bay Governor

Steve Collar
Los Angeles Governor

Mayra Mira
North Bay Governor

Cameron Jackson
Orange Governor

Edward Mussen
Redding Governor

Anna Stowe
Sacramento Governor

David Walker
San Diego Governor

Scott Filley, CPI
San Francisco Governor

Lance Davison
San Joaquin South Governor

Sandra Copas
San Jose Governor


Our goals remain as clear and strong as they were when CALI was formed in 1967:

To advance the professions of licensed investigators and security professionals;

To provide education and training to all licensed professionals; and

To articulate and advocate the needs and interests of the professions before legislative, administrative, and judicial branches of government.

Through quarterly conferences and seminars, publications, community programs, and advocacy on behalf of our profession, we honor our commitment to our colleagues and clients.


October 2017

I wanted to start my message with a brief recap of the great CALI conference recently held in Reno, NV. We had close to 200 people attend to take part in a full schedule of education, networking, awards, and meetings.  T

On August 26, 2017 in San Jose, CA, CALI held the first board meeting for the 2017/2018 term. The minutes from the board meeting will be posted to the CALI website once they are approved at our next board meeting. I want to thank members Ernie Romero, Barbara Burr, Francie Koehler, Ray Serba, Tony Sags and Renee Cervo for attending the board meeting and for their contributions to CALI.                                                           

Congratulations to Frank Huntington, III our latest recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Award. Frank was selected unanimously by a three judge panel. The panelists did not know each other and did not discuss their selection.

Oleg Flaksman was the recipient of the Investigator of the Year Award. Oleg continues to contribute to CALI and the education of CALI members. The award is well deserved.

Bradley Pfanner was elected by the Board of Directors to fill the vacant Director at Large position.  The Golden Valley District elected Chuck Jones as their new District Director. Congratulations to Mr. Jones and welcome to the Board of Directors.

The Orange County District Governor position is vacant. The Orange County District Director Cynthia Cavalie will be sending out a notice to the Orange County District members informing them of the vacancy and a date for the election of a new District Governor.

My focus this year will be continuing to enhance your membership with educational programs, our legislative program, and membership benefits. This year we celebrate CALI's 50th  Anniversary.  I have a President's Committee that will be working on making the President's Banquet, an extra special event this year. Each member who attends this years annual conference will receive a special gift to celebrate CALI's 50th anniversary.

The Board of Directors is working on communication between the Board of Directors an the members. We are working on being transparent.  Please see the CALI website section below.

There are two new areas on the CALI Website:

"From the Boardroom,"  Members are now able to log in to the CALI Website, Click on "From the Boardroom" in the quick links area of the member's profile, and review board meeting materials, approved board meeting minutes, and other notes and announcements.

Another addition to the Website is a "President's Message," which is located under the News/Publications menu item. Hover over "News/Publications" and click on President's Message.

CALI members approved amendments to the bylaws last year. Associate members can no longer vote for CALI Officers and Bylaws. Section 15.02 of the Bylaws has been removed due to the fact that CALI no longer has a Workers Compensation Fund. CALI created a new class of membership called "Security Services" that will be a non-voting class of membership. The Vice President of Security Services positions has been combined with the Vice President of Investigative Services position. The new position will be referred to as the Vice President of Investigative and Security Services. In 2018/2109 there will not be a Vice President of Security Services. CALI services the private investigation profession.

In our effort to promote CALI and the Private Investigation Profession we will be exhibiting at the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC) Annual Conference to be held in November in San Diego, CA.

I have established a President's Committee to explore regionalization of CALI.  Regionalization would reduce the size of the board and offer more concentrated educational training to the members. There will be more information coming throughout the year.

Please also take a moment to "Follow, friend, and like CALI." Doing so helps to promote the CALI brand. More exposure for CALI can boost membership and offer more opportunities for CALI members.

Thank you for your continued support of your organization. CALI is here to help you and your business.

Anne Fields, P.I., CALI President

Save the date - CALI's 2018 Legislative Day - Monday, March 12, 2018


The 2017/2018 CALI Conference Committee has been selected for this upcoming year and we are very excited as its CALI's 50th Anniversary. The Conference Committee will be represented by the following members this year;

  • Co-Chair Roberto Rivera
  • Co-Chair Chad Ragan
  • CALI President  - Anne Fields
  • CALI Treasurer - Chris Reynolds
  • CALI Secretary - Oleg Flaksman
  • CALI VP of Admin - Maki Kudaka
  • CALI Executive Director - Jerry Packer
  • CALI Redding District Director - Lee Wolf
  • Jay Rosenzwig
  • Francie Koehler
  • Michele Hyson

We are very excited to begin working on the upcoming conference and it being CALI's 50th Anniversary we are planning on making on to remember. There is a scheduled conference call for August 24th, 2017 where we will begin to formalize a list of speakers and key note speakers we want to invite to the conference. I would ask the members if there are any specific topics or speakers you would like to have at this coming year's conference please contact Roberto or Chad.

Roberto and Chad are planning a day trip to Long Beach looking at points of interests around the hotel, for potential off site events and just family fun we can advertise to our members during the conference.

Respectfully Submitted,
Co-Chair - Chad Ragan
Co-Chair - Roberto Rivera
CALI Conference Committee


The Scholarship Committee is made up of the following CALI members this year;

  • Chad Ragan - Chair
  • Roberto Rivera
  • Maki Kudaka
  • Robert Estes
  • Mayra Mira

We had a very successful 2016/2017 year. We had 18 golfers participate in this year's CALI Tournament and (18) Tee and Green Sponsors.

The Scholarship Committee was able to award four scholarships this past year for a total of $3,000.00 being awarded out. The scholarship recipients this past year were;

  • Christian Abella
  • Angela Sigler
  • Frank Huntington IV
  • Cynthia Cavalie-Gonzalez

The current balance of the scholarship fund is $4,341.57 and we are looking to add to that before the upcoming conference.

The committee will be meeting in the next couple of weeks of and discuss ideas for fundraisers for the coming year to support the scholarship fund besides just the annual golf tournament and conference raffle. If anyone has any ideas please contact one of the committee members and share your idea. Again thank you everyone for your support and donations for this great cause.

Respectfully Submitted,
Chad Ragan
CALI Golf Tournament and Scholarship fund Chair


CALI is now two months into is fiscal year and we are on budget as we begin to prepare budgets for our special events during the year.  It is our hope that CALI can expand its outreach to organizations with potential members. The budget for CALI over the past few years was geared toward managing revenues and expenses while handling a $70,000 to $140,000 reduction in revenue from the loss of SCIF money. Last year CALI implemented budget cuts to offset the SCIF issue and our budget was balanced until we had some unforeseen legal expenses related to our former President and a Director. That behavior prompted us to expend legal fees and hold one extra board meeting, costing CALI approximately $21,000 that was not budgeted.  Without those expenditures, the only loss within a revenue program was NLITE.

The 2017-18 budget will be an excellent test of how well we managed the organization since the loss of the SCIF revenue.

Finance Committee
The Finance committee for the 2017-18 includes Anthony Hopkins, Ame Barfield, and Phil Flores.

2016-17 Review
A review of the 2016-17 budget was started two weeks ago. The budget was very lean and did not anticipate extraordinary expenses associated with legal matters involving our former President and a former board member. That process required CALI to hold one extra board meeting and to retain the services of an outside attorney. Combined, CALI spent approximately $18,500 to manage those events. NLITE lost approximately $5700.00. Legislation day lost approximately $4000.00. Those expenditures resulted in a net loss for the year of $27,664.

Membership Drives
CALI budgeted $800.00 for a booth at the upcoming PORAC annual conference in San Diego.  This expenditure will give us access to thousands of law enforcement personnel, many of whom may be contemplating a second career. NLITE will only be provided once during this fiscal year, making it more important than ever that we market the program.

Northwestern Mutual Funds
Our investment portfolio with Northwestern Mutual continues to increase in value. CALI started an investment program in 2012.  The program will eventually generate enough income for CALI to supplement some of its educational program. As of June 30, 2017, the portfolio increased in value 4.8% (year over year). The funds are invested in very conservative mutual funds that are reviewed annually with our investment advisor.  The investment was started in 2011 with $125,000.00.  Over time, we invested more money into the fund, always keeping it in very conservative programs. CALI has approximately $289k in the program.

PI Test
The Online PI Test has proven to be a good revenue source for CALI. There are plans to improve the test by the end of the calendar year. We are budgeting for a continued strong response to the test. CALI generated approximately $4500.00 in net revenue from the program in fiscal 2016-17.

NLITE Financials
Our only educational program that did not make money last year was NLITE. NLITE lost approximately $6,000 last year. I am analyzing the loss with Mr. Packer to identify our weaknesses and shore up the losses. The main expense was the mailer and food/venue. Venue and food are running about $3000-$3500.00 per event, meaning we must attract 70 people at $50.00 to cover that cost. That does not include travel, staffing and other miscellaneous costs. We are reducing NLITE to one event this year, so any loss will be reduced by 50% if nothing changes.  I will work closely with the ED and our new NLITE chair to find cost savings.

NLITE is designed to educate newly licensed investigators, members and non-members, with the hope that participants will join CALI. This year our numbers were lower.  We believe the drop had to do with event timing and the significant reduction in licensed investigators in California.  CALI intends to aggressively market NLITE for our FALL program.

Annual Conference 2017
The annual conference, despite reduced attendance, made a profit or $17,066 before our contractual split of profits with SSM. Although revenue was down due to fewer attendees, Mr. Packer and his staff were able to manage costs and still meet our expectations regarding exhibitor sponsorships.  Ms. Kudaka, our VP of Administrative Services, was able to make two contacts in Florida while she represented us at FALI. Those contacts led to those exhibitors signing up for the CALI conference. Revenue was down $13,775, but our profit was only down $2318.00.

Membership Revenue
Membership revenue increased last year by $16,080.  We are hoping this is a positive trend as we begin a few membership drives for the year.

Budget Process-Motions
CALI continues to implement a budget approval process to manage and control expenses. No un-budgeted money can be spent without budget committee approval, followed by Presidential and/or Board approval (depending on the amount of the expense). The Finance committee will consider requests and make a recommendation to the Board. A request to spend un-budgeted funds uring a board meeting will be referred to the Finance committee for further review before action is taken on the motion.

Feel free to contact me anytime at [email protected] if you have questions about our finances.

Chris Reynolds
CALI Treasurer 2017-18


The North Bay district held their election meeting on May 25, 2017 at the Roundtable Pizza in Santa Rosa.  Guest speakers were outgoing Sonoma County Fire Chief Al Terrell and Santa Rosa City Council person Ernesto Olivarez, a former Lieutenant with the Santa Rosa Police Dept. who is a candidate for Sonoma County Sheriff. We were honored to have these two public servants attend as our guests.  Those present engaged in a discussion about the challenges the City and County are faced with a growing transient population, and the community based approach to addressing police patrols, as well as providing medical and psychiatric services.  This was an election meeting with light attendance.  We hope to have more guests from local agencies appear at our meetings in the future, and encourage our members to support the important bridge building between CALI members and our local representatives.  Thanks to those who attended.  Mayra Mira was re-elected for a third term as District Governor and Anthony Hopkins was re-elected for a fourth term as District Director.

In other news, North Bay District member Robert "Bob: Estes has published a "Guide to the Craft of Surveillance: A Beginner's Book for the Professional", available on Amazon.com.   His guide is currently the #1 best seller in the Legal Services book section of Amazon.  Congratulations to Bob on the continued success of your surveillance methods guide!

The North Bay District's next meeting will be held at Cattleman's Restaurant in Petaluma, CA on Thursday 9/28/17.  Former Federal Agent (Secret Service, DEA, and Homeland Security) Marcus Lawson, JD will be speaking on the examination of digital forensics evidence and smart phone technology issues in defense cases.  This is sure to be a well attended meeting, so please register asap, as space will be limited.

The North Bay and San Francisco districts are holding discussions about a future joint meeting, so stay tuned for further announcements.


Thank you, Renee Cervo, for stepping in to chair and run CALI's social media platforms. Special thanks to Jay Rosenzweig, who has been tweeting on behalf of CALI as well!

Follow, friend, and like CALI!



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Click here for more information or to register!

CALI's 2018 Annual Conference will be held June 7-9, 2018 at the beautiful Hilton Long Beach in Long Beach, California. The California Association of Licensed Investigators, the largest private investigator association in the world, is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018!

Stay tuned for more information about this special celebration!



Naked, filthy and strapped to a chair for 46 hours: a mentally ill inmate's last days



Since July 1, 2017 the association has been conducting a trial with a moderated listserv. The rules of the listserv remained in place, with the exception of a request that an email address be included in the signature line.

Your feedback on the trial is appreciated, both good and bad. Feedback should be sent to [email protected].  Your comments will be included in the report to the Board near the period when the trial is completed. You can send feedback any time.

One issue raised by members were postings of related industry type articles or stories. We are taking a pretty firm stance to start out the process. However, some topical information has been released on the list. There should be a forum for members to post interesting articles. One solution is using the CALI Twitter, Facebook and Linked In accounts. Topical articles can be sent to the social media chair for posting to those outlets.

In July there were a few issues with releasing postings, including a server crash by the third party supplier. Those problems were resolved in August.

There were some issues with members using the correct email address. The only email address for posting to the list is:   [email protected]

A list of Frequently Asked Questions is attached. It will provide detailed information on using the list, including a section that will show you how to only see messages on the website if you don't want to get emails throughout the day.

August posting: 427 postings
Moderated members: 4
Moderated postings: 6 (3 by one member)
Reasons for moderation:
a. Posting about PI being licensed, committee researched with BSIS, notified 
member (1)
b. Posted work for a non-member, member apologized for error (1)
c. Posted non-work related link (1), moderated
d. Posting regarding non-payment and disputes with members and CALI (3),moderated.

Every request, with one exception, for a job was posted to the listserv as written.  The exception was immediately cleared up by the member and posted. The listserv committee cannot alter or change a posting by a member.

The percentage of moderated postings was 1.40 %.

July moderation was just under 4% of messages (15).

There was one private warning to a member regarding a dispute between members.

The Listserv Committee released two messages to the general listserv that should have been moderated. We are making sure our process for review is tightened up.

Near the end of September, the board of directors will decide on whether or not to continue with the moderated memberclicks list.

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