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CALI Educational Scholarship

The Scholarship Program Awards are for the purpose of promoting the professional standing of the investigation profession and those committed to continuing education. Scholarship applications are due on or before May 1st of each year.

Qualification Criteria
Applicants must be one of the following:
1. A licensed private investigator or private patrol operator
2. The son or daughter of a licensee
3. An employee of a licensee
4. Sponsored by a CALI member

Application Requirements
Applicants must:
1. Meet one of the 'Qualification Criteria'
2. Complete the CALI Scholarship Application form
3. Write an essay
4. Submit the CALI Scholarship Application form and written essay on or before May 10th of each year.

Essay Requirements:
Applications must be submitted with a typed essay ranging from 350-500 words, authored by the applicant. The essay should portray what distinguishes the applicant as deserving of the scholarship in addition to his or her educational pursuits relating to the investigation and/or security industries. All essays shall become the property of CALI and may be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee and/or its designee(s). The applicant authorizes the publication of the essay, in whole or in part upon submitting said essay as part of this scholarship opportunity.

Selection Criteria:
The Scholarship Committee will review all applications received by the deadline. The basis for selection by the committee will be the quality of the applicant's essay and what distinguishes the applicant as deserving of the award. The committee may also take into consideration the financial need for the award and the applicant's educational pursuits as they relate to the investigation or security industry.

Deadline: May 10th of Each Year
All applications must be submitted or received at the office via USPS/regular mail or email on or before May 10th of each year, to:

California Association of Licensed Investigators
Attention: Scholarship Committee
65 Enterprise
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656


The selected recipient(s) will be notified by phone or email, and the Scholarship Award(s) will be presented during the CALI Annual Conference.

We encourage you to apply for a CALI scholarship!

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CALI Conference Scholarship

In addition to the Educational Scholarship, we also have a very exciting opportunity for newly licensed CALI members. CALI continues its focus on involving new licensees and new members in our educational programs. The upcoming Annual Conference is one of those opportunities. The Scholarship Committee has five entries to the annual conference at no cost to new members/licensees.

Here are the details:

What is the criteria?
You must have obtained your Private Investigator's Licensed and Joined CALI within the three year period of time preceding the due date for applying to for a CALI Conference Scholarship.

How do I apply?
By May 1st, send an email to with your interest in attending the conference, some background information about yourself and why you would benefit from the scholarship and attending the conference. Use "CALI Conference Scholarship" as the subject line and include a complete signature line which contains your name, company name, email address, phone number and private investigator license number. 

When do I know?
The committee will make its decision by May 15th, and you will be notified that day. You will be refunded if you have already paid for the conference.

How is this possible?
This opportunity was made possible by donations from CALI members to the CALI Scholarship Fund with specific instructions that it be earmarked for new members/licensees to attend CALI events.

Why should I apply?
Because education and training is a cornerstone of a professional investigator. The annual conference is a perfect way for new members to network, socialize, attend educational events, and learn new skills to enhance their growing businesses. CALI pays it forward.

*Includes entry to the annual conference. Does not include lodging, travel to or from the venue, entry to the President’s dinner, or any other pre-conference or special event.

If you have any questions regarding either scholarship please feel free to contact Chad Ragan, CALI Scholarship Chair