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What is the correct e-mail address to use for a post?
How do I access the listserv?
You must be a member to gain access to the CALI Listserv. Once a member, please go to your profile and subscribe to our Listserv.

Your profile can be found by using the drop-down menu at the top-right of the screen next to your name.
I keep seeing a different return e-mail address in the “FROM” portion of e-mails from CALI. (cali@memberclicks-mail-net). Can I use that e-mail address to send a post?
No. It is an address generated by MemberClicks as part of their security. You cannot use it to post a message. When you hit reply to a message you will automatically reply to the CALI member that sent the post to the listserv. Only use
How do I unsubscribe from the listserv?
Send an e-mail to That e-mail goes directly to the CALI office. You will be unsubscribed by the office staff.  Do not send the unsubscribe request to the CALI listserv, we can’t turn you off from there.

You can also unsubscribe to the Listserv from your profile.
OK, I've stopped getting e-mails to my Inbox; how to do I check the listserv?
1. Log into the CALI website at
2. Go to "LISTSERV" on the menu.
What is the correct signature line?
At a minimum, your e-mail signature line must contain the following:
Investigators Name
Company Name
License Number
Can I submit a post to the listserv using the CALI website and not my personal e-mail?

1.    Log into your CALI Account.
2.    Go to “LISTSERV” on the menu.
3.    Select a listserv.
4.    Click "Start New Thread," or you may "reply" to an existing thread.
I want to submit information in response to a posting, an article, topical information or advice to the membership. How do I do that?
Submit your posting to the listserv and it will be reviewed in relationship to the listserv rules. You can also e-mail the listserv email and your information will be reviewed for posting. Postings of topical news should only be posted by the BOD or the Executive Director. Submit your suggested information!
I have a question about a posting and I don’t know if it is proper for the list. What can I do?
Submit your question directly to the listserv and it will be reviewed by the listserv committee. Send your e-mail to the Listserv Chair, Lee Wolfe.
I have a disagreement with CALI or a member. What do I do if I can’t post my complaint to the list?
Submit any issue or question about the association to the following:

Robert Rice, CALI President
CALI Office
What is the review process for moderating a listserv posting?
Any listserv posting is sent to all moderators. Any one moderator can review the posting to ensure it conforms to current listserv rules. Once reviewed, it is immediately released to the membership. Any listserv post with a technical violation will be released with a private note to the member to fix the problem.

A listserv posting that violates a prohibited use will not be posted to the list. The moderators will immediately contact the member, advise the member of the problem and either request a fix or advise the member that the posting cannot be submitted. The member is obligated to conform the posting, or it won’t be submitted.
Can the listserv Moderator Change or edit a listserv posting before it is released to the list?
Yes, the moderators have the ability to edit Listserv posts.
I don’t like the action of the committee to moderate my post; can I appeal?
Yes. The first appeal is to the Chair of the listserv Committee for reconsideration. The second level of appeal is to the Board of Directors. Appeals to the Board of Directors are for the resolution of serious violations. 

Listserv Rules
Who are the CALI ListServ Moderators?
Lee Wolfe, Chairperson
Chris Reynolds
Juan Alarcon
Ed Mussen
Frank W. Huntington III
Roberto Rivera
Richard Rivero