Online Education Program Committee

Michael Julian, CPI, CSP, Chair

The board voted last year to accept a proposal from ZipEdTech, an online education program creation company, to develop a course for CALI that would benefit members and non-members alike, and serve as a new revenue stream to support our association.  Like many other online programs it would be a convenient start/stop, 8 hour program with video and interactive scenarios that would end with an exam to test the participant’s retention and knowledge. 

After careful consideration it was decided that the pilot course should be on California PI license exam preparation as it would draw a larger participant base, possibly for several years if the course was updated as the test was updated.  A committee was formed including myself, Oleg Flaksman, Joseph Travers and Michael Taylor who the newest CALI member on the committee and who also took the test most recently.  We collected and created over 200 exam related questions to build the lecture portion and to use in the final exam. 

We have already cited references for the correct answers and are currently writing the wrong answers for the multiple-choice question.  We expect to complete and submit all content to ZipEdTech by the end of March so that they may begin the process of graphic design, lecture scenario development and the final test. 

This course will be offered to all planning to take the California PI exam for $200 and will be easy to sign up for on the CALI website.  If this pilot course is successful we will retain ZipEdTech to develop additional courses on subjects like surveillance, AOE/COE, criminal defense, witness interviews and others.  At that time we will be looking for content contributors so please volunteer if this is something you believe would enjoy.

Stay tuned for this exciting new program.