President's Message

Greetings members. We are fast approaching the holiday season and we hope our members are finding plenty of work to keep them busy.  Approximately 30 to 45 people become private investigators every month in California.  If you know such a person we encourage you to recommend CALI.  They will be able to take advantage of our low rate and attend NLITE for a nominal fee to cover the costs of meals.

Each year we get a chance to see how each district works to stimulate growth and provide educational opportunities for its members. We continue to be impressed by the hard work the San Jose District does each year. Their trainings and organization are a model for every district in the association. If you are in San Jose and can catch an event you will be impressed.

This is the time of year when our Districts also think about making contributions to their local charities with some of their funds. Some Districts have toy drives as well. Please be sure to participate and help if you can. District Governors are reminded to send notices to the members before spending their funds.

ELITE is coming to San Jose in January with David Townsend headlining the training. These one-day events are an excellent method of learning new techniques to make you a better resource for your clients. Learn about computer forensics, tricks to extract data from phones and how computers and other media can be accessed to find those jewels.

Ryan Clock and his committee are rolling out the new CALI branded line of clothes and accessories.  The link should be sent to you in the next week. I was able to pre-order a few gifts this week and the website worked perfectly. The system is very easy to access. You can also brand your logo with the CALI brand and receive excellent discounts. Ryan had done wonderful work organizing this effort for our membership.

In this very fast paced life we often forget how important it is to meet each other and have personal conversations. I encourage every member to attend their local District meeting to find out more about your friendly competitors and colleagues. 

Enjoy Thanksgiving!!!
Chris Reynolds