VP, Administration Report, Jan/Feb 2015

Thank you CALI Board for the opportunity to represent you as V.P. of Administrative Services for a 2nd year.

As your VP of Administrative Services, 2014/2015, I intend to bring active involvement and enthusiasm to all fourteen (14) CALI Districts- The Foundation of CALI, and visit up to six districts this year, as well as 6 districts next year. In addition, I have enrolled the support and appointed two Senior Governors, San Jose District Governor Sandra Copas and Orange District Governor Maki Kudaka, to assist, encourage and support the Governors and Directors.

Furthermore, I encourage all Governors and Directors to support one another to improve District attendance by selecting excellent meeting venues and inviting Special Guests and Educational Guests to all meetings.

A good leader leads by example- At the 2012/ 2013 CALI conference in Santa Clara the President’s Banquet was represented by only two Governors (out of 14), and five Directors. Last year at the 2013/2014 Conference at Rancho Mirage our Director/ Governor attendance at the President’s Banquet improved over 100%. I strongly encourage and support PERFECT attendance by our elected Governors and Directors to attend next year’s 2014/2015 conference and President’s Banquet in beautiful Reno, Nevada. Together we can lead our members back to the basics of making the district meetings and yearly conference the cornerstone of CALI membership.

I worked diligently with CALI staff, Senior Governor Maki Kudaka, and Los Angeles Director Dana Griffith on the newly released CALI Directors/ Governors Powerpoint. The Powerpoint is a ‘How To’ for successful, well-attended meetings. I encourage all Directors and Governors to show the Powerpoint to members at their District Meetings.

In addition, the CALI staff and I have designed a new CALI state map; have updated the Directors/ Governors Handbook for 2014/2015, and have started the process for the purchase of CALI and United States Flags for all CALI Districts.

This year I have attended meetings with the San Diego District and Orange District. I assisted a ‘Toys for Tots’ San Diego meeting at the United States Marine Base at MCAS Miramar with a Special Guest appearance by California Assemblyman, Marine Colonel Rocky Chavez. I also assisted a ‘Toys for Tots’ Los Angeles/ Long Beach- South Bay joint meeting in Monterey Park.

On October 16th Orange Governor Maki Kudaka and I meet with the Honorable Ed Royce, United States Congressman, 39th District. Congressman Royce is a friend of CALI and has offered his support locally and nationally.

We, the Board of CALI, are the foremost, most educated, highest trained professionals in the Private Investigative World. It all starts at the district level and the success will culminate at the yearly conference. I ask you, the Governors, Directors, and Officers to join me in this Pursuit of CALI Excellence.

Many Blessings to us all,

Joseph A. Travers, CPI, CCDI
VP Administrative Services 2014/2015
PI 10815, Since 1984